Tick Tock Naturals

Tick Tock Naturals

Recently we have had a real issue with out little lad being bitten a lot. We don’t live in a hot area, quite the opposite a lot of the time. Bedding changed regularly and the extended family pets have all been treated! However he is always being bitten. The doctors say it is flea bites or maybe spider bites. Little red irritating bumps.. and it happens when we are out and about or at family and friends homes.. So the poor thing has an allergy to something as non of the rest of us have this issue. Anyway! Long story short. I started spraying him with some insect repellant when the whether was hotter and it actually worked.

Finding a good quality insect repellent that is bother cruelty free and vegan was hard but them I stumbled across Tick Tock Naturals (as they are US based if you are UK based like me watch out for customs and all that annoying stuff!). They make natural organic insect repellants which is just what I was in the market for.

IMG_1560_FotorImpartiular they are used for mosquito and tick repellant however works great for other bugs and fleas too!

Tick Tock is based on organic and natural products such as grape seed oil. It claims to be non greasy or sticky and  it won’t evaporate like alcohol or water based repellants.

They also do a handy travel size as well. I have actually just gifted one of these to my parents who are off on a cruise shortly and in need of some amazing insect repellant for the mosquitos in the US. Having a travel size is amazing as this means you can put it in your handluggage and apply it right when you land instead of having to wait until you unload all your suitcases, or if you are hand luggage only it is ideal!

It claims that the regular 4 OZ bottle can offer a family of four (which we are;) ) protection for up to a year! Insane, at only $20.00 that is an amazing price! BARGAIN!

IMG_1559_FotorIt is PETA Certified, Eco Friendly, Biodegradable and has No Chemicals.  Therefore it is safe for children and even for pets! It should be sprayed into hands and applied like a sun lotion. It does not stick on the skin or leave a greasy layer, it is literally like a mosituriser. It smells lovely, one of my favourite scents in fact, lemon, citrus. Sunscreen can be applied over  the top and it will last up to 4/5 hours and can be reapplied when needed.

This has worked wonderfully for us here in Cornwall and my little lads allergies. I will be saving this for holidays also as I can imagine it will work wonderfully for those tropical vacations!

If you are in the market for a flea treatment or tick and mosquito repeller give this one a go. You won’t be dissappointed!


Much Love

Emma (and Tyler!)


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