LaRocca 24K Gold Skincare

LaRocca 24K Gold Skincare

Gold Skincare? Yes Please!

LaRocca Skincare are Cruelty Free and 100% vegan which is always amazing as it means you can shop with guilt free ease! These are beautiful luxury products that I think everyone will love!

IMG_1550_FotorTheir products are formulated with cellular gold complex made with 24K Colloidal Gold! This is amazing for cell turnover and production giving an overall younger glowing appearance. They combine clinically proven science and natural ingredients to create amazing products to help strengthen, repair rand nourish the skin.
Not only are LaRocca Cruelty free and vegan their products are also biodegradable, free from synthetic fragrances, gluten, mineral oil, DEA, TEA, paragons, PABA, urea, phthalates, nylon or aluminium, What a mouthful! Phew. As well as this they are environmentally friendly throughout their sourcing and manufacturing!

I have recently been gifted a host of their products to try so I have done some mini reviews to show you how I got on!

Exfoliating Cream Cleanser $45

The first step for most of their skincare routine, a good cleanser. This one is also exfoliating which is perfect as saves a step, and combats two problems in one! This one has 24K Gold and Diatomaceous Earth. It claims to stimulate collagen growth and moisturise at the same time, to leave skin smoother and firmer. It is Natural, chemical free and gluten free!

It is made using wind powder, with biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging. Can’t say better than that can we!

IMG_1552_FotorThis is a really beautiful cleanser, I have recently been using it daily as both a cleanser and a makeup remover.

It works well to remove built up makeup and decalog the pores due to it’s exfoliating nature. I would suggest not using this around the eyes (it can remove eye makeup as it is powerful, but exfoliating the eyes can be painful so I personally remove my mascara first), It has worked really well to remove my makeup well enough and exfoliate at the same time to leave my skin feeling firm and clear, so no need to second cleanse.

I have also used this makeup free and as a morning cleanser and I really love it. It leaves a subtle golden glow and sheen to the skin which makes you look healthy and makes your skin look more plump and refreshed. It feels lovely, lathers nicely and works well. It also smells pleasant. I’m not sure you can really ask for much more than that!

C Gold Reparative Primer $75

This one again is made using 24K Gold to help stimulate cell regeneration. It claims to make the skin look smoother, healthier and firmer.

I do really like this one. It is to be used after moisturizing and is a really lovely gel like formula. It feels quite a lot like a silicon primer that is very smooth and soft to touch, a little also goes a really long way and it can be spread onto the skin easily and smoothly. It leaves a healthy golden glow and shine to make you look a little more alive and healthy.

IMG_1553_FotorI have used this a lot over the past few weeks and got on well. I wouldn’t say it is my favourite. I love the way it makes my skin look, however as a makeup wearer I didn’t find it worked all that well for me under makeup.

I am very oily and I found this as a pre makeup step didn’t work for me as the makeup sits on top and moves around during the day which in turn made me look cakey and a bit messy. I have tried it with various primers and foundations and it just doesn’t really work for me. However on days I am makeup free this makes my natural skin look and feel amazing, so I will continue to use it for those days to give me a glow to get on with my day!

Firming Eye Cream $75

The Firming eye cream claims to be brightening, tightening and lifting. It is made to reduce puffiness and hydrate the eye area.

It again uses 24K gold to energise the cells to lift and brighten and firm them.

I personally have very very dark circle under my eyes, maybe why the panda is my favourite animal as half the time I look a lot like one! I have always had them, probably as I am so so pale, you can see every pigmentation or dark patch I have. I have come to terms with these over the years and concealer is my best friend. I did notice using this that my eye area felt more plump and the line where my bags sit seemed less obvious. It is hydrating but sinks into the skin fairly quickly meaning it works nicely under makeup as well so great for day and night.

IMG_1554_FotorIt wasn’t oily or slippery which I prefer around the eye area, nothing worse than smudging oils into your eyes and having to start over! This has now become one of my go to eye products! Certainly recommend this one. It also comes in a really good 30ml size which will literally last forever, you only need the tiniest bit!

Regenerating Defence Serum  $45

The regenerating defence serum is made to specifically help reduce sign of ageing. I cannot really comment on whether it works for this purpose as my signs of ageing are still fairly minimal, I have some lines and wrinkles but nothing too set in and obvious thankfully. I am a firm believer that ageing is half about preventing than treating and the better you treat your skin the longer it will look younger.

It includes potent antioxidants such as hibiscus, resveratol and white mulberry. It also include skin plumping and smoothing agents such as hyaluronic acid and peptides. It claims to improve skin elasticity, brighten and decrease wrinkles, dark spots and give you an overall more youthful complexion.


I have really enjoyed using this one. It is lovely and smooth and glides onto the skin easily. Again a little goes a long way so I can see this bottle lasting a really long time. It is super mositurising and worked well for me for both morning and night. It is very cooling and hydrating for the skin and feels very smoothing and soft on the skin. I would say it brightens the skin and makes it look more dewy and healthy.

Daily Hydrating Moisturiser $55

I absolutely love this one, It is so mositurizing. A little goes a really long way again and it sinks into the skin super quickly. I am very much a last minute person sometimes and really need skincare in the morning that is going to sink into the skin quickly so I can put my face on for the day and this one is just that. Easy quick and effective. It feels smooth and soft and leaves the skin feeling cool and hydrated. It again has the 24K gold to help with cell regeneration which is great as it is not only hyrdrating but also helping to reverse those signs of ageing at the same time. I would certainly recommend this one to everyone!


LaRocca as a brand are cruelty free, Vegan, ethically sourced, and eco friendly. Everything I want and look for in a brand, and what I think everyone should. Why buy from other companies that can’t do anything to help maintain our environments, our people and our living beings? I cannot Fathom! The products were all amazing and very luxurious, each made a difference to my skin and has resulted in an amazing new skincare routine for me! I cannot really comment on my wrinkles as that could well be any one of these products. Overall using the LaRocca products my skin feel more moisturised and hydrated, plumper and smoother. My small wrinkles seem reduced and less obvious and my dark circles seem less intense. When not wearing makeup my skin looks more alive and glowing, as I am so darn pale this is a must need, as normally I look like an over pigmented ghost with no slap on my face! I have really enjoyed using these products and will be continuing to do so from now on as they really are luxurious and they work! Not only this the ethics behind the brand are amazing and something I am more than happy to use and share! If you are UK based like me make sure you take into account shipping and customs fees when buying! Happy shopping 😉

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