Nim’s Fruit Crisps

Nim’s Fruit Crisps

I was recently kindly sent a bunch of Nim’s Crisps to try and I loved them so much I had to share them with you all.

They are Cruelty Free, 100% vegan and even Raw! Nim’s Crisps are air dried and such an unusual concept. One that I have not come across a lot in the UK. Not without many additives and nasties!

IMG_1377_FotorWhen anyone asks me what my Guilty pleasure food wise is I always have the same answer. Crisps. I just cannot resist them. If I buy them.. I eat them… all! Which is why I try my best to resist in shops.. because we all know I ain’t sharing that share bag of crisps!!

Trying these has helped me because I can munch as many as I want and they are actually good for me, delicious and have the texture that I love of crisps. A great swap for a healthier plant based lifestyle!

IMG_1378_FotorMy favourite has to be the fruit range, we all know I love my fruit, Imparticular the apple ones. They are so sweet yet slightly tangy, just like pure apple juice. It amazes me the texture and the taste they have after being air dried. It is as if the tasty goodness is refined and locked into these tiny pieces. It is a strong flavour, I was surprised by how perfect the taste was considering there were no additives or flavours added!

Nim’s have no additives and no preservatives at all, just air dried goodness. This makes them not only delicious but also healthy! Healthy crisps?? You heard me right.

Each bag contains fruit and only fruit and I think that is absolutely amazing. This makes them high in vitamin c and fibre as well as being gluten and fat free. They are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, kosher and even coeliac sufferers. So they really do cater for all!

IMG_1376_FotorThey have recently brought out a new range which includes vegetable crisps as well. This like the fruit range has the same process and concept to satisfy those savoury lovers out there!

Not only are they great for adults but they have a nice range for children too, which are ideal size for them as a snack and also great for lunch boxes! These lovely snacks also count as one of your 5 day, believe me it is a great way to sneak another piece of fruit into your children without them even realising! My little ones follow in my footsteps and loved the fruity flavours!







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