Raw Chocolate Coconut Mousse cake

Raw Chocolate Coconut Mousse cake

I think this is the easiest recipe I have ever made! If you like chocolate and like coconut this one is for you! It takes less than five minutes to make and is super delicious!

If you’d rather watch a video tutorial check it out over on my Youtube channel here!


What You Need


Walnuts (Approx 1 Cup) I used ground walnuts as I already has these to hand!

10 Medjool Dates

Raw Cacao Powder (2 TBSP) I used Pacari!


1 Can of Coconut Milk

Raw Cacao Powder (2 TBSP) I used Pacari!

Raw Coconut Sugar (1 TBSP) I used Groovy Food Co! 

What You Do

Step 1; Add your walnuts to the food processor and blend until a crumble texture, then add Dates and the Cacao Powder into your food processor  and combine with the Walnut crumble to make the crust.

Step 2; Push this in a pan.

Step 3; Clean out your for processor and start on the filling. Blend in one can of coconut milk with the extra cacao powder and coconut sugar and blend until it is mixed and looks like a delicious chocolate cream. You can add more cacao if you want a deeper colour or taste! If you coconut milk has separated do not worry! It may look al little more runny but once refrigerated and frozen it will look and taste just the same! If it hasn’t separated you will have a more creamy texture, if it has it will be a little more runny. Don’t panic.

Step 4; Pour this mixture over the Base.

Step 5; Decorate with chocolate, Berries, Coconut, whatever you fancy! I used Kiwi!

Step 6; Refridgerate for 6 hours and serve! You can keep this refidgerated and serve or freeze it, be sure to take it out of the freezer in time to serve. I personally love my cheesecakes about half an hour post freezer as it gives a delicious ice cream cheesecake texture! Yummy, Like a chocolate tropical ice-cream crumble!!


I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Let me know if you tried it out yourself and don’t forget to tag me over on social media so I can see 😉

Much Love


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