Emi Jewellery, Ethical Fashion

Emi Jewellery, Ethical Fashion

As you all know I am on the path to make my life more eco friendly and ethical, I feel like I am conquering this with my health and fitness slowly and now wish to change my wardrobe also! I love eco and ethical clothing brands and after researching a lot I came across the brand EMI.

They have kindly gifted me this stunning piece from there collection to try! and… I love it!

IMG_1323_FotorEmi is an amazing ethical costume accessories brand designed mainly for women 30+. I don’t quite fit that branding however I am almost there and to be honest I believe these styles could suit young ladies and modern oldies, so it’s all good!

Emi pride themselves on being transparent with their business from it’s beginnings to it’s process, sourcing and stand points.  They believe in being ethical and fight against child labour, sweatshops and animal cruelty. Which is absolutely amazing, truly the way forward for all fashion brands. The brand itself is inspired by Asia and the Asian culture and is even named after a young Japanese girl, translated to mean Smile and Beautiful. What a fitting name for these stunning pieces!

The Piece I have been wearing over the last week is their  stunning Art Nouveau styled mint necklace. You can have a little looky  here…


I absolutely love the colour of this necklace. It is a stunning bright mint green and the necklace itself is a stand out, not only because of the stunning colour but also the design. It is almost old school in look with a modern flair due to the colour and the diamanté crystals. It has faux gold hardware which gives it that old vintage more regal look. I wore this with mostly black and it gave my whole outfit a massive pop of colour. I absolutely loved wearing it and I have had a whole host of compliments in it!



It is amazing quality for costume jewellery and is such an affordable price.

Emi have a whole host of beautiful stand out pieces like this one but also some more regal and subtle pieces as well. So if you are after a statement or an understatement piece be sure to check them out, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

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