Raspberry Ripple Coconut Crumble Cheesecake

Raspberry Ripple Coconut Crumble Cheesecake

Summer is fast ending and the weather is getting worse, however I decided to do a little nod to summer and do a yummy tropical berry cheesecake, a delicious Raspberry Ripple and Coconut crumble cheesecake! SO yummy. A delicious creamy raspberry ripple with a coconut tropical base. The flavours work amazingly together and gives that lovely sweet yet tangy hit.

Here’s me making it over on my Youtube Channel If You Prefer A Video Tutorial; Check it out HERE! 


What You Need


65g Shredded Coconut (Approx 1 cup)

140g Cashews (Approx 1 cup)

10 Dates (I used Medjool, If using regular then I suggest soaking overnight to help blending process)



270g Soaked Cashews (2 cups approx)

1 cup Water (as needed)

Juice of 1 lemon

4 TBSP Agave Syrup (or any other raw sweeter of choice)

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

200g Frozen Raspberries (1/2 cup approx)

[Plus; Extra Coconut and Raspberries, berries or chocolate to decorate!]

What You Do

Step 1; Put the crust ingredients, Coconut and Cashews into your food processor until it forms a crumbly texture.

Step 2; Press mixture into cake pan of choice.

Step 3; Clean out your food processor and start on the filling. Add the soaked cashews, lemon juice, water and vanilla into the food processor and blend until smooth.

Step 4; You can add the raspberries and mix if you wish (This will turn the whole cheesecake Pink), However How I did it was to add the batter to your crust and smooth out. Then add the raspberries to the top of the mixture and swirl around with a spoon. This will give you the raspberry ripple like affect!

Step 5; Refridgerate for at least two hours and then freeze. Leave in the freezer until serving day. It will need to be defrosted before serving (or partly if you prefer an ice cream texture, allow at least 30 minutes for this!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe! Do let me know if you have given it a go and how you got on!! It was so delicious and the perfect end to summery tastes!



Much Love


Emma and Little Leah!


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