Prosecco Pong… So fun!

Prosecco Pong… So fun!

Prosecco Pong, what a fab idea? You heard me right. Not Beer Pong, Processo Pong!

Talking Tables has come up with this awesome party game for all those with more specific tastes… I can assure you I am not a beer drinker!

IMG_1254_FotorI really could not decide how to use this, as, as you probably know, I am a mum of two and rarely get to go out these days. I only really drink on special occasions or before a night out, and well those are few and far between. Also, being a mum means I have limited amount of friends,,, as those also seem to vanish when you have children (the most important ones are still round though of course)!

I decided the best use of this would be a little late night banter with friends… in the house.. well… shed…

Hear me out. We have a big shed.

Let me set the scene; The kids both went down to bed at around 7pm.. after several trips putting our toddler back to bed they were asleep by lets say 8.30-9ish. The Husband watching some F1 (Not a fan!) Finally some me time!

IMG_1255_FotorWe decided to have a few drinks (my preferred being Disarano mmmm) just to get in the swing of it, then we set up our amazing prosecco pong in the Shed… We have a dart board… I cannot play… and a pool table… again.. cannot play.. So I figured I could set them up on the pool table.. the perfect width apart!

(P.s… I can’t play prosecco pong either.. even after a few drinks!)

The game is easy to set up.. and lots of fun. Couldn’t help but laugh at each other as we played and were absolutely awful at it. The beauty of this game is that you can add whatever drinks you want, whether it be prosecco, dissarano or even a non alcoholic version.

I can imagine this would be great fun at weddings, hen parties and well.. any home party as well. I also love the fact this is fully washable and reusable. This is staying in the man cave, party shed/ unused gym area for some time and will be for sure pulled out for parties, BBQ’s and other events. It really is good fun! You should try it!

It is exclusive to Talking tables and costs £14.99 and can be bought here;

Have fun and let me know how you get on?!



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