Pasta Kidz Children’s Book

Pasta Kidz Children’s Book

I was kindly approached by the fabulous Bryony Supper to try out her new children’s book The Pasta Kidz.

Bryony herself is a professional actress! She specialises in Comedy and is now using her talents to create children’s adventure stories!

IMG_1256_FotorThe Pasta Kidz and Pets adventures is a funny, unique book all about little pasta characters and their pasta pets. Yes you heard me Pasta.

As a sneak peak let me tell you a few of their names so we are on the same page…. Sarah Spaghetti and Marc Macaroni (these guys feature in the first instalment!), There are also lots of other amazing characters from Camilla Cannelloni to Felix Fusilli!

Each character also has a corresponding pasta pet! The first two we meet are Mumbo the Macarino Dog and Spud the Spaghetti Horse!

IMG_1258_FotorIt is a wonderful funny and engaging story, the pasta pets even have their own little language which you can read more of in the book. I did at first think when reading it this may not be the best. The book is aimed at 4-7 year olds, so I assuming a book for them to read to you, or read with help. I did worry some of the made up words would be too much for my six year old. However, the little smart bum told me how important these words actually are. That at school his teacher makes him read, alien words… words that you cannot sound out.. that are unique and must be learnt by site. So by sounding out these made up words.. and using his knowledge of pronouncing and alien words, he managed to read them perfectly fine… that showed me ey! Parenting 101, have more faith in my children ability!!

I also have a little lady aged almost 3, and she also loved the story and their funny names and rhyming words. It is now a regular bedtime story for her.

IMG_1257_FotorShe loves a good illustration and the ones in this book are absolutey beautiful (Illustrated by the amazing Julian Bray). It is full colour and for each page of text there is a corresponding large picture to set the scene for the little ones. Leah loved the characters and their crazy hair styles! She says they have crazy hair like her (Leah’s hair is literally a real life Marc Macaroni)!

The book is not only funny and easy to read, it is also promoting notes of friendship and learning. The first story is the Inventing tubes, and without giving too much away, the Pasta Kidz invent something and it does not turn out quite right. SO another creates another one as she has no patience (sounds like me), which lets face it, was always going to end terribly. Hence the moral of the story is portrayed, but don’t worry, it all works out fine in the end!

I would really recommend this book to all little readers as it is a great one to get their sounding going and also get their imaginations running wild!

You can snap up a copy in Waterstones or online at Amazon here;


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