I love the brand Hangry. They are so delicious but also comical.

Hangry bars are made especially for that Hangry moment to help you Snack Out Of It! haha.

They’re made with real good healthy ingredients and are hand rolled and cold pressed to retain all the natural nutrients and minerals possible. They are also free from nasties, no dairy, no added sugar, syrups or oils. Wheat Free, No GMO’s, Palm Oil Free and Gluten Free. They are 100% Natural and Vegan. Yay!

They have three delicious flavours

Cranky Cacao

This had the consistency of a delicious chocolate brownie, it gives you a great hit of chocolate for those mad on choppy snacks this will be for you! They are a nice consistency, not to dry at all with a good amount of flavour!


Berry the Rage

Berry the Rage is a delicious berry bar packed with deliciously sweet yet tangy cranberries. It is also made with dates, oats, almonds and sunflower seeds for a little added crunch.


Original Nutter

The Original Nutter is for those with a little more delicate taste, who likes the simpler more plain things in life, we all know one right? This is just as delious as the others just a tad more subtle in taste. It is a mix of nuts and seeds. Sprinkled with a little coconut this is delicious!


These are really delicious and certainly help beat that little hungry hunger craving that I get between meals. Knowing I can snack on something this delicious with no guilt is awesome! I will definitely be repurchasing these delicious snacks!









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