A Day Out With Daddy, Featuring JORD

As a birthday treat we had a whole day off as a family to spend some quality time together. There is no better time in my opinion. The reason for this spontaneous time together was for Daddy’s Birthday!

Men Can Be Very hard to buy for, especially in my case where my husband is the stereotypical breadwinner, pays the bills and has the Money and whenever he actually needs something he just goes out and buys it, believe me, it’s annoying.

When I was approached by JORD watches for this collaboration I couldn’t be happier. It fits amazingly with our ethics and the watches are a beautiful gift for the most special people in your life.

A Day Out With Daddy

Our day started out with a trip to the Great Flat Load… It’s a beautiful Cornish tourist location (Free too!) where you can have a mini adventure around lots of old ruins and mines. It has lots of open areas to run in and lovely walks all the way around it. Most of the ruins themselves are open and safe to explore too which our little ones absolutley love. I can’t wait until we own a dog one day as this is amazing dog walking territory!

IMG_1245_FotorAfter this we popped to the parents,… Sundays are the family day, lazy day… make sure everyone is still alive and kicking kind of catch up day! So after a spot tea and a natter we headed from my parents to Shaun’s… and then after some tea we headed out to the beach.

There is nothing I love more than evening walks on the beach. It is so nice to not only be spending time with the family, but when it is little later and cooler, it is less busy and just nicer in general. I have to love Cornwall but in the summer time there are just so many people you can’t park anywhere or go anywhere without constant interruption or bumping into people… (yes I know… I am a literal hermit and I wouldn’t survive 10 minutes in a big city!).

IMG_1232_FotorI am learning to really appreciate the limited amount of time we have as a family and days out with daddy and quality family time are now my favourite kinds of time ever!


A Beautiful Gift For Daddy

I think the watch was a massive hit and a great present idea for all, they even have women’s styles available (although I would say most are unisex anyway!) and I am rather tempted to get one for myself now!

The Watch we received was from the beautiful HYDE series in the shades Walnut and Black; http://bit.ly/2i0UJdR

IMG_1222_FotorIt is absolutely stunning. It came in a beautifully made wooden box with all the little bits you need to keep it clean and sparkly! It is such a unique watch and nothing I’ve ever seen before. Made from beautiful Walnut, with a black steel affect face, it is truly beautiful!

I loved the HYDE series particularly due to it’s simplicity and elegance. It is a perfect special occasion, smart business meeting style watch, with the simplicity to also be worn casually. It has sapphire glass, metal tipped hands and deployment buckle with buttons.

JORD watches are natural, raw and ethical. They are one of the best I have come across in terms of amazing ethics, branding and product. I’m tempted to grab one for myself too…. I think I’ve fallen in love with the Cora and Rose Gold…. NEEEEEED IT! https://www.woodwatches.com/series/cora/koa-and-rose-gold


Having Collaborated with JORD they have given me the amazing opportunity to offer you guys the chance to win a $100 coupon off a new JORD watch, believe me you will want them all! They will make a great gift or an impulse buy for yourself of course, we all deserve it!


To enter follow the link below 😉


(Contest open from Today until 17/09/2017 at Midnight!)

Entering also guarantees you a $25 off gift voucher, so everyones a winner 🙂

Let me know what you do for your quality family time? Any routines and favourite locations?! Let me know I’d love to hear them…


Much Love




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