Where Do You Get Your Protein From? Body Me!

Where Do You Get Your Protein From? Body Me!

Where do you get your protein from? Has to be one of the most frequently asked questions I get! As a vegan of course it is important to take in a lot of protein just like any other diet, little do many know you can get more than enough protein from just eating plants alone. However, if you are a keen workout enthusiast and protein mad person then products such as Body Me would be right up your street. They are a perfect post or pre workout routine snack and meal replacer.

They are made of natural healthy ingredients rather than chemical filled unnatural supplements.

As I have converted to a raw diet, good snacks (pre made) are hard to come by and I have finally found some delicious ones!!

Body Me Protein bars are great for post workout recovery or pre workout energy boosting, they help to build muscle and maintain it. They work amazing as a meal replacer even, or as a snack if you have a wait between meals, and they can even aid with weight loss due to there healthy plant based ingredients. These are amazing for me as a vegan to get a protein hit if maybe I am travelling or had a big gym session but also great for those non vegans looking for a post workout bite, as we all know, eating raw is so much easier for our body to digest, and the Body will digest quicker giving you the energy you need sooner!

All of the bars have a host of amazing organic ingredients, they are all vegetarian and vegan and also Raw! Paleo and gluten free, even soy free and dairy free of course. An amazing product.

They have three delicious flavours!

Cacao Mint

IMG_1113_FotorI think I have to admit this was my favourite! It is a chocolate mint goodness I can’t even describe. I think the consistency is that of a dense brownie almost.

Cacao Orange

IMG_1111_FotorAs you can imagine this is an amazing blend of orange and chocolate to create a lovely dense bar. It has a wonderful chocolate orange flavour similar to well known chocolate brands, but in turn being good for you!

Chia Vanilla

IMG_1110_FotorIf you are not much of a chocolate person then this is the one for you, a mix of vanilla and chia. It is a subtle vanilla taste and more plain in flavour than the other two

I have really enjoyed trying these bars and I was amazed and how great they tasted. Many protein bars have a very bland and powdery taste where as these combined with the wonderful organic plant based ingredients really give a good dense moist consistancy rather than the heavy powder taste of some others. The flavours are fairly strong and lend well to a naughty snack feeling. It amazes me that I can eat these and they actually be good for me. The calories are pretty high on these if you are a calorie counter however the macros of proteins and sugars are great. They are also extremely filling, I have had these post workout first thing and literallly not been hungry at all for hours. I am a serious snacker so this really says a lot from me!

I suggest you try these out if you can and let me know your thoughts! I don’t think you will be disappointed! Yummm









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