New LUSH Summer Releases and Event!

New LUSH Summer Releases and Event!

I was recently kindly invited to the Plymouth Lush Store for their Summer Blogger Event where they chatted us through loads of the new summer releases… and oh my.. there was a lot.

I had a really wonderful evening so figured I would share this with you in the form of a little Vlog and Chit Chat, you can watch it here;

I was kindly gifted a few of the products to try out and even made my own comforter… well.. lets say attempted too… because it for sure does not look like one, however it smells insane, and I literally don’t even want to use it as it is now making my whole room smell like Ribena and I can’t say I mind it one bit!


The New Products;

I am yet to try all of these however heres a brief run down of all the new LUSH products so can have a little nose and see if there is anything you think you need (or want of course).

Hot Oil Hair Treatments


Marilyn is mainly used for coloured hair to help keep coloured hair bright and not brassy. It is specifically designed to help brighten and add shine. Perfect for those Marilyn Blondes. (Vegan)


This one has a hint of spice.. well, an explosion maybe. It is very intensely scented. It helps to increase blood flow and improve hair growth, out with the old in with the new right? It helps to hydrate and shine too! (Vegan)

Hair Doctor

An old favourite reformulated and brought back hair doctor is full of anti bacterial ingredients like Chamomile and is great for soothing and conditioning hair and scalp. An indulgent oil for sure! (Vegetarian)


As you would imagine this is for Damaged hair, original! This is great for overall coloured hair to help bring life back to it, it helps improve strength, moisturise and add the bounce back to your treated hair.  (Vegan)


Not a newbie but an amazing old one Yuge. This is the one I opted for because my days the scent was intense. I am a lover of minty scents and this is just that, an intense peppermint hit. This one is made to add bounce and boyancy to the hair, to give volume whilst retaining shine and condition! (Vegan)

IMG_1143_FotorI love the sound of all of the new hot oil treatments. They always seemed way to fiddly for me however after trying lots of hair products lately I have been really enjoying them and have seen I really haven’t taken care of my hair as I should have. I have the YUGE to try out and I will certianly let you know my thoughts over on my Instagram when I have done so. They all look and smell amazing. A real treat!

Jelly Bath Bombs

I am yet to try any of these however I am totally buying some for the little ones soon! They are basically the same as your bath bomb but with melt away jellies in them, these leave a layer of what I would describe as slime on top of the bath, great fun for the little ones but also super nourishing and conditioning on the skin. Win win!

Green Coconut 

A Green paradise of Cinnamon and Coconut! (Vegan)

Dark Arts

A black bathbomb? I have seen this one have mixed reviews but I am still excited to try it out! This one claims to be uplifting and brightening.. how ironic! (Vegan)


This one looks like good fun and leaves the bath a super bright orange colour, with of course an orange scent. Orange and Grapefruit oils for softer skin. Yes Please. (Vegan)

The Big Sleep

I think this one is my favourite scent of them all, it still amazes me how gorgeous tonka is! I hated lavender this time last year but the infusion of tonka and lavender sends me crazy!! It helps you relax and get a great nights sleep, They also have a new Twilight Body Spray which I need need NEED! (Vegan)


Bottom Rub


When I saw this I noted the reference, and found it amusing. I haven’t tried this one yet however had a smell and feel at the Lush store.. not of a butt… of the lotion. It smells really nice and the texture is great. It is designed for everyone but I can see how this would be great for athletes, exercise crazy people (not me…) amoungst us that rub and chaff where they really don’t want to. It has caffeiene and rich butter to help smooth and wake up your skin.

I can’t say this is something that I think I will purchase just as at present I don’t feel the need for a specific bum rub, however I can see how this would work amazingly for some and think its a new and unique idea from LUSH.

Jelly Face Masks

The concept of the jelly face mask again seems super unique, I’m not sure I have tried anything quite like it! These have the same amazing properties as the normal face masks however they are a more solid jelly consistancy and self preserving which is great. I must say this did throw me off a little at first but I am growing to love the consistency, even if it is a tad more fiddly than a cream version! Named by some of LUSH’s most powerful women there are five amazing yet different formulas available.

1000 Millihelens

Fresh Apple and Witch Hazel, antibacterial and brightening with firming properties! (Vegan)

Bunny Moon

Smoothing and Softening the skin with honey and chamomile. For calm and clear skin (Vegetarian)

Birth of Venus

Fresh Sea Water, Lavender and Seaweed Gel. For Baby soft reborn skin! 

Just To Clarify

So this is the one I plumped for. It smells heavenly. We all know I love my fruit and this is a Papaya, Grapefruit and Orange smoothie. Yes Please! It is great for exfoliation, clearing skin and lifting the mood. It has little charcoal pods you can also pop for extra exfoliation where you need it too! (Vegan)


For balancing the skin, clearing imperfections and evening skin tone with Calamine and Neroli. (Vegan)

Thanks to the Lush Plymouth Team for Inviting me, I loved it and also thank you for my goodies! They won’t be lasting long I’m sure!!

Let me know what your favourite is of all these wonderful new releases?

^^^ How on earth she didn’t spill this I do not know!! ^^^

Much Love









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