Henna Color Lab Hair Treatments

Henna Color Lab Hair Treatments

Henna Lab are an amazing Hair Products Brand that specialise in Henna dyes and hair treatments (which are also multi purpose of course!).

I have really enjoyed looking into this brand and finding that of course they are 100% cruelty free and 100% Vegan so I can shop with ease!! They are also PETA and leaping bunny certified.

They are based on natural and organic safe ingredients and believe there products are some of the most healthy around. I have recently been trying a few of their hair products and here are my thoughts!

(Henna Lab are a US brand so if you are UK based keep this in mind when ordering).

Purify and Detox


IMG_1117_FotorThe purify and detox is created to do just that purify and detox your hair and scalp.

It is a powder form made to extract impurities in the hair shafts and deep clean follicles and scalp.

It is a blend of volcanic ash, and no less that 5 Ayurvedic herbs and fruits.

It can be used as a deep hair and scalp cleaner, and can be used before applying colour treatments. It can also be used as a monthly detox and help remove grease and oils. It can even be used weekly for those who use heavy hair product!

This one has; Amla Gooseberry, Shikakai Fruit, Soapberry, Volcanic Ash Clay, Neem Leaves and Vetiver Grass.

It is applied in the same way as a natural hair dye and this handy kit comes with everything you need to apply it! I will talk a little more about this later!

So when using this I really enjoyed it, it is a very strong scent… very very potent. It smells entirely earthy and almost overwhelming but if you like earthy scents you will love this. I enjoyed using it and the process of applying and waiting was similar to other hair treatments, masks and dyes so that is great!. It washed away easily and when dry my hair felt hydrated, lifted and of course clean! I would say this has made a difference to my hair. It feels a lot healthier and is keeping free of oil more so than it ever has before. I am super impressed with this and would personally use this as a monthly deep clean!

Nourish and Repair



Another I have tried is the nourish and repair hair treatment. This one claims to be more conditioning and to help the scalp and skin also. It is a blend of nine Ayurvedic herbs.

This one again can be used as a monthly deep conditioning treatment, over to help detox the hair and help it retain its moisture and shine.

This one is a treatment however if you have very light hair it can slightly add a wheat colour to the hair which can last up to a few weeks so this is something to bare in mind.

Some of the amazing ingredients in this one include; neutral henna(cassia obovata), alma gooseberry, shikakai fruit, brahmi oil, khus grass, Barbados nut, heded oil, baheda oil, katha/acaia leaves…(one potent Ayurvedic plant-based herbal cocktail).

This one I Have enjoyed using as well. It works very similarly to an intensive hydrating conditioning mask for the hair and is applied in the same way. It was not painful or too drying and when washing out in the shower it felt just like I had throughly conditioned my hair. It left my hair feeling silky and soft and I noticed in the weeks prior It looked a little more shiny that it had previously.

I was a little nervous to use this at first due to the colour change it implies however I didn’t notice my hair change too much, I am blonde going down to a bleach end and I have very ashy roots and undertones. This may have changed my hair very slightly but only toward the ashy undertone I already had so nothing too noticeable!

To use these treatments you need to have cleanly washed damp hair or dried hair.

I would suggest wearing old clothes or a towel over you as it can be a little messy.

So all you need to do is empty the sachet into a bowl and slowly add boiling water to the mix, no specific amount is implied, but doing it slowly you can get whatever consistency you prefer.

You can then use the gloves provided to separate the hair and once cooled a little to touch, you can add the treatment to the hair, it is suggested to do this in sections.

Make sure to get an even spread over the whole hair and then pop on the included hair cap and leave covered for 45 to 60 minutes.

The fact this was included is a big help and means you can easily go about your business without transfereing the product onto your clothes and house. You could even chill in the bath for an hour if the kids allow!

After the time has passed you will need to rinse well, without any shampoo and then use your normal conditioner.

I have really enjoyed trying these two hair treatments and do feel they have made a noticeable difference to the strength and overall condition of my hair. I will certainly be trying these again soon!

Organic Shampoo Bar Minty Mix


IMG_1116_FotorI have also tried one of their shampoo bars. I have to admit I have never been a hard shampoo bar user. I just have never purchased one thinking they seem very fiddly. But in essence I was just being lazy and have found this to work super well.

This one imparticular is the Minty Mix, which has the most amazing strong mint scent, which I personallyy love, they also have lots of other scents if mint isn’t your favourite.

The natural plant cleaners help to lather to create a silk like consultancy that gently cleans away dirts and oils from the hair roots. It is also sulphate free and has a gentle PH base to create a healthy  clean scalp.

Peppermint and Spearmint combined help to soothe and condition the scalp, the mint also has a very strong antibacterial property to keep them at bay!

One of the things I loved most about this is that it is amazing for travel as it can literally be used for all your overnight shower needs. It can be used to wash your hair, as a body wash and as a shave cream… perfect for those get aways where you only take your hand luggage. It is a good size and I can tell is going to last me a long time too!

It feels softening and soothing to the skin and remind me of the affect that an Aloe Vera has, that lovely cooling feeling that makes you feel clean and hydrated at the same time. I can feel this would be amazing on hot summer days or hot holidays too!

I have really enjoyed trying out these products and have to say the Shampoo bar is my favourite, considering I was a shampoo bar novice I was quite surprised myself! The brand is amazing and the ethics are on point. Not only this the products are insanely good! Be sure to try them out if you can. You won’t regret it. They are also a very affordable price for all.

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