50 Lies I’ve Told My Children

50 Lies I’ve Told My Children

So I don’t condone lying, nor think it is a good skill as a parent, however I am very much someone who does tell my children little white lies and I am not to scared to admit it. I don’t think it does them harm at the stage of life they are in at the moment nor do I think I am teaching them to lie… I figured this was a tongue and cheek fun way to tell you all the lies I have told my children in the past, judge me all you like but I reckon all you mums out there must have done a few of these in the past! Here are my top 50 white lies.. strategic fibs and conversation changers!

  1. I don’t know.. ask your daddy.  (I do know but lets give daddy a chance to answer those impossible questions!)
  2. Oh no the batteries ran out.. we don’t have anymore (What a shame we can’t play with that darn annoying toy anymore… hides all batteries!!)
  3. Skip a couple pages in there favourite very bloody long bed time story (Once apon a time….THE END!)
  4. Santa Is Real… Fat man on a sleigh.. flying reindeers.. RIGHT!
  5. Santa won’t come if you are naughty, knowing even if they are you are still for sure doing presents (Does anyone actually give their kids coal??)
  6. Eat your carrots and you’ll see in the dark.. Blaintant lie…
  7. Im not crying, its my hay fever… (Because America’s got talent is so damn emoooosh!)
  8. The Tooth Fairy Is Real … Nuff Said.
  9. She won’t come if the teeth aren’t clean!… She always leaves a pound… Or should I say… I always do!
  10. Bribbing with amazing holidays and gifts when you know the bribe is not achievable (We can go to Disney if you are good all week… yeah right… fail after 10 minutes….
  11. Spiders aren’t scary… just they friggin are!.. They are terrifying!!

I have done a little Youtube Mash Up Video with 50 Lies, you heard me… 50 lies I have told my kids, so to hear all the rest head over to my Youtube Channel…

Lying is wrong… always tell the truth… and they believe me? Little do they know right!

If you have never told your kid a lie then good on you 😉 gold star, your a winner! If you like me are a good mum and have managed to keep your offspring alive then a big thumbs up from me, because your doing a fabulous job!

Obviously these are all little white lies, and a bit of fun and not meant to offend anyone, yes I know white lies can be damaging and will cause multiple problems, like stunting emotional growth, lost trust and also compromises my ethics… so don’t be one of those people! White Lies can be used to protect little ones whilst they are naive to their surroundings, to create imagniative play and of course for strategic use when you really need to get something done and your getting nowhere. I am not perfect, nor will I ever say I am… but I am a mum.. I am normal… and I’m doing alright!

I hope you enjoyed my round up of funny white lies I’ve told my kids in the past, let me know in the comments your confessions! I’d love to hear them! If you do recreate this be sure to tag and credit me as I would love to watch them :)!

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