Suntegrity SPF 30 Products

Suntegrity SPF 30 Products

One thing I am guilty of is neglecting my lips of sun care. It’s silly to think we apply suncream to our whole bodies? We wear glasses to protect our eyes and hats.. but when do we protect our lips?

I love this company and it’s ethics. Suntegrity was founded to specifically make people think about their skin and help prevent nasty diseases such as cancer.

I personally have family member who have skin cancer so reading this really hit home to me and it is something I worry about in the future.

Natural mineral SPF is something I have been looking into lately now the weather has been so wonderful here in the UK and I cannot fathom why you would want to prevent problems, but then cause more by using chemical filled suncreams. This bothers me, especially on my little ones!

I have recently been trying out one of their SPF Lip Balms, Here are my thoughts;

Suntegrity Lip Bam in Sunburst Pink

IMG_1080_FotorFirstly this lip balm is SPF 30 which is amazing. One of the first I have seen with such a high factor whilst also packing a bunch of colour.

It is filled with Lip Repair Lipids and Konjac Root for anti wrinkle properties. They claim to be rich, creamy and leave a sun kissed finish. They are tinted with pure pigment to leave a subtle colour. Some ingredients include jojoba oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter. All known well to provide moisturisation and leave the lips smooth and soft.

I love this product. It is super sleek and small to fit perfectly into any purse, clutch or bag. It has discreet and luxurious packing in a lovey slim silver tube. It is easy to apply and glides onto the lips easily. It is a very smooth consistancy and feels velvety to touch. The combination of natural butters and oils can really be felt in this. It leaves a lovely hint of colour which isn’t too bright and leaves the appearance of a gloss with a hint of shimmer and shine on the lips however with the texture of a cream lip balm. It is not sticky at all and lasts a really long time. I believe looking after my lips is something I have really slacked on lately and something I will definitely be doing from here forward. It is an amazing concept and product and something I think everyone should have in their handbag!

I would certainly recommend this brand, they have amazing ethics and values as well as a lovely range of products. They have Serums, Suncreams, Tinted Suncreams, Moisturiser, Makeup Removers, Lip Products and even Tanner!


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