Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Golden Berries

Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Golden Berries

Pacari have made the most delicious snack. Their Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Golden berries.

I have to admit a bit of fail on my part, I had no idea what a golden berry was… maybe I am just a tad daft, but I genuinely had never heard of them! So this was a lovely surprise!

The Golden Berries are quite tart and tangy, mixed with the covering of rich chocolate was rather splendid. A sweet, yet rich, yet tangy taste. These are sharper, and slightly more sour than any other product I have tried from Pacari however they are still delicious. I guess because you are getting a higher concentrate of the berry in the small balls rather than having less berries spread through a whole bar. I really like this though.


Again they are a great size to nip in your bag and take out of the day and also ideal for sharing. They are great for giving a sudden burst of energy and helping you out between meals! A healthy, raw organic and vegan snack, that taste amazing. Tastes like you are treating yourself and being naughty when you actually aren’t! These are infant loaded with natural antioxidants and nutrients to help your body! You heard me right, this chocolate is actually good for you!

Hope you enjoyed my little review and be sure to check out some of Pacari’s Raw Organic Chocolate Options. You may be surprised at how many choices you have!

Much Love


Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Golden Berries;







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