Khadi Ayurveda Pink Lotus Flower Face and Body Oil

Khadi Ayurveda Pink Lotus Flower Face and Body Oil

A recent skincare trend is that of Ayurveda.  Another great example of cruelty free and vegan Ayurveda products are from Khadi. I was recently gifted one of their products to try.

Khadi Ayurveda Face and Body Oil- Pink Lotus

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IMG_1075_Fotor.jpgThis is a beautiful Face and Body Oil with a scent of Pink Lotus. It contains beautiful oils, rice bran, sesame and sunflower along with carrot seed, all combined to help nourish, moisturise and keep skin looking smooth and fresh.

Pink Lotus helps to control sebum and balance the skin whilst hydrating. Lavender helps with cell regeneration and to calm the skin. Ylang Ylang helps again to regulate sebum and calm the skin. Along with Cedarwood to help soothe the skin.

It claims to be velvety soft and to leave no greasy texture.

These are not tested on animals, contain no artificial colours or preservatives, certified natural and are suitable for Vegans of course. There have no paragons, no SLS/SLES, no phthalates. They are made with organic ingredients in India.

I have been trying this over the past few weeks and have been really enjoying it I must say! It is a really liquified oil, making it more runny than a pure oil however I like this. The texture is smooth and it spreads onto the skin nicely and it is almost velvet to touch. It sinks into he skin fairly quickly, although as it is an oil, it does not sink in as quickly as a cream or serum. It sinks in quicker if used post shower or bath whilst the skin is slightly damp however I find this works nicely as an overnight treatment also. It has gone someway to help calm and smooth any skin irritations I have had and hasn’t caused me any issues at all. It is a calming oil that works well to help relax the skin after a long day.

I will certainly be using this more in the future. It works really well as a makeup remover as well!


Much Love



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