Apricot Beauty and Healthcare Demo!

Apricot Beauty and Healthcare Demo!

Have you seen my latest Youtube Upload?

I have been trying out some of the Apricot Beauty and Healthcare Anti-Ageing Products!

This video includes the Next Pad Decollete Pad and the Hand Pads!


I would certainly recommend checking out Apricot if you are on the hunt for amazing, Cruelty Free, vegan and affordable anti-ageing products!

Here’s the links to all the goodies mentioned in this video;

Apricot Beauty and Healthcare Main Website; https://www.apricot-shop.com

Hand Pads (ON SALE!); https://www.apricot-shop.com/product/silicone-care-hand-pads/?lang=en

Neck Pad; https://www.apricot-shop.com/product/silicone-care-neck-pad/?lang=en

Decollete Pad; https://www.apricot-shop.com/product/silicone-care-decollete-pad/?lang=en

In Depth Blog Review (Includes other amazing Apricot Products Also; https://emmablogsweb.com/2017/05/15/apricot-anti-ageing-products/


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