Skin Fix Mum and Baby Skin Care

Skin Fix Mum and Baby Skin Care

Skin Fix is yet another wonderful Cruelty Free skincare brand. They have multiple products to deal with a whole array of skin issues and conditions, even for little ones too! They are all made from natural ingredients and are clinically proven to help skin conditions such as Eczema, diaper rash, chafing, cracked skin and circulation problems!  They are 100% Cruelty Free and approved, however not 100% vegan so be sure to check out the ingredients as some contain Beeswax, all the ones mentioned below are Vegan Friendly!

They have recently kindly gifted me some products of myself and the littlens to try out.

Brightening Eye Cream

IMG_0994_FotorThis Eye cream is 96.5 % Natural and Dermatologically tested. It claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles and irradicate eye puffiness. It is backed with impressive stats of between 85% and 93% agreeing with all the above claims.

It is made to brighten and awaked puffy eyes in the morning and leave them looking awake and refreshed. It is said to be lightweight, quick absorbing and moisturising. It has healthy skin lipids included to help maintain a youthful appearance, plump and help the skin to glow. It also contains Alfalfa Seed Extract which is used to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

It contains no synthetic fragrances, silicone, dairy, gluten or dye, paragens or phthalate. It is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin and safe for contact wearers.

I have been using this one morning and night and loving it. It may be one of my new favourites. I love the fact this sinks into the skin so quickly. Don’t get me wrong I love my oils for night moisturising but when it comes to morning time and you are a makeup wearer like me, you really want to get your skincare on and sorted, sunk it and get on with putting your slap on. I love this one because it sinks into the skin so quickly. It leaves a dewy to matt finish and a slight glow which I love. It is not too moisturising but enough so that makeup sits nicely on top without drying or breaking down. I can’t say it has done much for my dark circles yet however I will update you on this in the future. It is a really lovely lightweight easy to use moisturiser and has now become my go to daily one! Highly recommend this one to anyone after a lovely day time pre makeup eye cream! It is super sensitive and great even for when I have puffy sore hay fever eyes! A new must have!

Hydrating Lotion

IMG_0995_FotorAgain impressive stats with this one with 100% of users stating it improved skin radiance!

This is 95% Natural and dermatologically tested. This is a lovely skin lotion to use as a pick me up, to moisturise and sooth the skin after cleansing or using a serum. It claims to smooth and soften skin. It claims to increase skin moisture in just one use and leave the skin refreshed and glowing. Again it has no synthetic fragrances, silicones, gluten, dairy, dyes, paragens or phthalates and is suitable for all skin types!

I have been using this over the past few weeks and loving it! Again it is a really lovely light weight formula that sinks into the skin really quickly and easily! I haven’t had products that sink into my skin as easily as these ones yet in a Vegan and Cruelty free formula and I am amazed. The bottles are also super Kool and funky looking on my bedside. A understated statement!

This is now my go to daily moisturiser and a must have in my eyes!

Moisture Boost Serum

IMG_0996_FotorThe Moisture boost serum can be used daily morning and night or when you feel your skin just needs that extra boost of mosturiser. It is 97.5% natural and dermatologically tested. It has no synthetic fragrance, dairy, gluten, silicones, dyes or paragens and phthalates. It claims to leave the skin soft, plump, healthy and beautiful. The Peony root and Red seaweed inside claim to enhance radiance, reduce pigmentation and repair collagen and enhance skin elasticity.

I have again been using this one for the past few weeks and enjoying it. It is a runny formula serum which is clear. Easy to apply and sinks into the skin really quickly. It is super soothing and cold to the skin, refreshing, similar to the feeling I have when using an aloe vera product. That instant cooling and moisturising affect which is really pleasant. This has been a great product lately in this wonderful heat wave we have been having to increase the moisture back in my skin after going out. It left my skin smooth and soft and seems to be going some way to even my skin tone. I will certainly be continuing to use this one.

Gentle Hair and Body Wash

IMG_0990_FotorIt is always important to me to know what is in my children’s skin care products. At the end of the day they are little, and sensitive and your skin is your biggest organ and it is important to take care of it. I wish I knew the benefits of skin care when I was younger! This one is 98% natural and dermatologically tested. It is a natural gentle hair and body wash suitable for little ones with the most sensitive of skin. It can even be used on children with skin issues such as eczema. I love this especially as it is an all in one product. It makes bath time so much easier to be able to use one product for both hair and skin. It has no scent but leaves my little ones skin and hair feeling smooth. My little lady imparticular has crazy hair and this has smoothed it out nicely and leave it easy to brush (when usually I have to dose her with detangle spray!)

This is in pride of place on our bath tub now and will be lovingly used!

Gentle Lotion

IMG_0992_FotorAgain an amazing product for little hands and bums as it is so gentle on the skin. It can again be used on little bums or adult ones! Anyone who suffers with sensitive skin, this would be perfect. It is a great post bath lotion to help lock the moisture into the skin. My son suffered with dry skin on the backs of his arms for years and this goes some way to helping that. It seems less red sore and itchy after each use and I hope it will eradicate it completely eventually. Moisturising is something I often forget, not just of rat kids but also myself. It is an important step in keeping skin clear and healthy and moisturised and something I need to make a habit of doing for all the family! This one is 98% Natural and dermatologically tested again and contains natural moisturisers along with soothing botanicals to help relive dry and sore skin.

Check out this brand if you have a skin problem or irritation that you can find nothing else for as believe me these guys have something for everyone! Although Skin Fix is not based in the UK, They have a great customer service team and UK stockists! You can buy online on their website below and have products shipped to the UK and they are also now avaliable behind the counter at Boots stores! So no worries about customs charges!

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