Southern Comfort Fragrances

Southern Comfort Fragrances

Southern Comforts, No not the drink! The wonderful Cruelty Free Brand, also known as SoCo.

They are known best for their unique and charming fragrances, whether it be body balms or perfumes there is something for everyone! They are Cruelty Free and Vegan and follow eco and ethical practices! I have kindly been gifted some of their products to try;

Body Balm- Darlin

IMG_1009_FotorThis is a lovely body balm, it is soft and smooth and leaves the skin feeling and smelling amazing. It is soft to touch and glides in to the skin like butter (dairy free of course 😉 ).

The scent is Darlin which is a lovely sweet peach fragrance, with hints of sunscreen and floral notes. It reminds me of being young and summer holidays with friends. A really charming youthful fragrance. I also love the fact this comes in a little metal tin, it is perfect for travel and as it is a solid balm when not touched you can even fly with it! It melts on contact and sinks into the skin wonderfully. It is a good size and great for chucking in your bag or suitcase as needed or keeping on your bedside as the tin is just beautiful!

Some of the notes include peach candy, sunscreen, wild rose, iris, day lily and creamy vanilla. The body balm is 100% cruelty free and of course Vegan.

I was also kindly gifted some of there perfumes samples, here are some I have tried and the notes they include.


Beach Peach; Aquatic ozone, atmospheric sea spray, fresh Georgia peaches, and candied peach skin

I Fall To Pieces; Peony, rose, British coriander leaf, black currant, white musk

Aunt Bessies Bunnies; creamy violet candy, pound cake batter, fresh geranium, marshmallow fluff

Sea Berry; Aquatic ozone, atmospheric sea spray, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry

I love the fact you can not only buy these fragrances in full size but they also have samples and sample sets available for you to try at a reduced price so you don’t fork out a bundle until you know you love the fragrance! I also really like the names of the perfumes, they are all so different and unique in their own way, really highlighting the life and story behind So Co and it’s founders!

I would love to try more of SoCo’s body balms as they are just awesome! I would certainly recommend trying them out if you are after moisturisers, perfumes or balms to leave you smelling heavenly!

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