Skin Actives Scientific

Skin Actives Scientific

Skin Actives is a wonderful CrueltyFree Skincare brand with a focus on the Science behind skincare. Researched over many years their products prove that science really can help skin and finding the right match for you is beneficial.

Using the best skin care ingredients avaliable but keeping skincare affordable is key.


Skin Actives has lots of amazing Vegan Options, All below are Vegan however not all their products are so make sure to check first!

They have kindly sent me some of their products to try! Here are my thoughts;

Anti Ageing Hydramist


IMG_1003_FotorStarting with my favourite product! This is the Anti Ageing Hydra Mist. It is made to provide short term wrinkle correction. To help reduce signs of ageing, wrinkles and lines and can also be used as a great makeup setting spray or base. As well as this it can be used as a daily face mist to refresh the face when needed. It also claims to help with redness and irritation.

I cannot really comment on the help with lines and wrinkles as I luckily only have a few so far, or the early signs of them. I have however been using this as a makeup setting spray and it has become my go to. On days where I have redness or irritation I used this as a base as I did find it soothed  the area nicely and that it helped calm the irritation so that I was still able to use makeup over the top. It helps set the skin nicely and even out any lumps and bumps you may have. I have also been loving this as a setting spray. It works amazingly at keeping creases under the eyes at bay and keeping your makeup in place all day!

I will say make sure you shut your mouth before you spray as this is concentrated and strong and really does not taste too good!

I would certainly recommend this one to anyone, it has now become an on the go daily essential for me and at the price point of £5.90 it is very reasonable!

Alpha Beta Exfoliator


IMG_1000_FotorThis is meant for problem skin, Oils and acne prone skin. It is made using salicylic and lactic acid. This one claims to minimise pores, exfoliate dead skin and leave the skin smooth and soft. This one is meant to be used weekly as a deep cleaning exfoliator for the face and neck. It should be put on cleansed skin and left on for 3-7 minutes and then washed away.

It can be left on for up to 20 minutes if desired.

Okay, So from my favourite to my least I think. There is nothing wrong with the product. More so my skin. I found this to be a really intense concentrated formula and my skin was just far to sensitive to deal with it unfortunately. I felt it immediatley when It went onto the skin and had to remove it after about 30 seconds as it started to sting. I can’t say this is the product as I am sure if you don’t have problem skin like me this could work amazingly for you! For me, I can’t really give to much of a review on how it works out just because I couldn’t use it for long which is a shame! I am going to keep hold of it in the hope when my skin clears up and gets less sensitive I could use it then! I hope to as it really seems to do a lot of the things I need from a skincare product! Watch this space!

Antioxidant Serum


IMG_1002_FotorThis one is made for one and all to help antioxidize the skin and keep it clear and clean. It is a really nice clear serum that is not oily at all. Non irritative and quite gentle. It also sinks into the skin really lovely and quickly. I have enjoyed using this both at day and night and it works beautifully under makeup!

Acne Control Cream


IMG_1001_FotorThis one is meant for oily skin types. It is great for acne prone and blemished skin as well as blocked pores.

This one is designed to be put on as an overnight intensive therapy and then washed off in the morning. It reminds me of one I used a few months back from Herbal Essentials, which has the same idea!

Is is more of a creamy texture which dries matt… which can look a little silly. Imagine gong to bed in a face mask basically! However it does dry matt so won’t get all over your bed sheets! I found this to feel quite drying when it was on however did seem to go some way to helping acne. It basically dried up the acne over night leaving it more flaky in the morning and less obvious. Less red and irritated! I have enjoyed using this and intend to keep using it over the next few months to see how I get on. So far so good!

Salycylic Wash


IMG_0998_FotorSalicylic Wash is effectively a face cleanser. It has 2% Salicylic in it which claims to help with redness and help to nourish and cleanse the skin, it also includes Sea Kelp to add skin nutrition. This one again is quite concentrated and fairly strong. You can definitely tell when applying it has intense therapies in it as you can feel it working into the skin right away! I have been using this as a daily cleanser lately and must say it really does dig deep into the skin. I can just about get away with using this however would advise if you have very very sensitive skin or blemishes it may not be for you. It works well to get a deep clean and leave the skin cleansed but not dry which is great. A lot of concentrated intense products can leave the skin very matt and dry however this one works wonderfully. I am excited to keep using this one and see over time how it works on my problem skin issues!

Zit Ender


IMG_1004_FotorAnother Favourite of mine. The Zit Ender. This is an overnight treatment again that you pop onto any Zit’s or spots that are approaching and it Zapps them overnight. It targets the spots without drying out the skin. It claims to reduce redness and irritation overnight to make you spots less noticeable. I have used this on and off over the past few weeks and really enjoyed it. It does go some way to lessen the appearance of my spots and help them to heal quicker. It works wonderfully as an overnight treatment. It is like a serum in texutre but drys very quickly and matt on the skin. It also smells pleasant and is cooling on the skin when first applying with is nice! A must have for acne sufferers!

SPF 30 Advanced Protection SunScreen


IMG_0999_FotorAnyone in the UK right now will know the heat we have had over the past few weeks! My goodness. It must have been the hottest June and July on record. SPF was a must have! Finding a good SPF for under makeup is something I find hard, As someone with problem and sensitive skin and also oily skin! It is almost impossible to find one! This one has gone some way to relieve my problems!

It is for everyday use providing factor 30 protection. I enjoyed using this. It was not oily and sank into the skin really quickly. It was great for use on the face under makeup and became a daily go to for me.

It is also great for on the body however it is not sweat or waterproof so needs applying frequently. I have used it for body but found as it is a smaller sized product and the sheer amount you need for the body it isn’t worth it for me. I will however continue to use it on my face for the next few months as my daily SPF protection.

SPF care is something I and I’m sure a lot of others by pass in there daily skincare routine but probably the most important factor! If you are after a daily facial sunscreen I would say to for sure check this one out! It works really well!

Skin actives scientific have a huge range of products available for every skin type and issue you can imagine. I would certainly recommend checking them out to see if they have anything that catches your eye! Like I said all the above items are Vegan however not all their items are. If you type Vegan in the search bar all the results will be vegan options available or just send them a super quick email to be triply sure if you have any worries. They are very helpful friendly and quick to reply!

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