Eco Egg Review, QVC SALE and GIVEAWAY!!!

Finding good quality cruelty free Laundry product is near impossible these days. Eco Egg are a great option for eco friendly and sustainable laundry products. They have a great range of washing products and accessories to help you not only save the environment but also save money! None of their products are tested on animals and never contain harsh chemicals.

Eco Egg Kindly sent me their amazing Wash Kit which is now available at QVC! It includes 2 Eco Eggs, one for colours, one for whites, with refills (making 936 washes!!), A new laundry tin, Stain Remover with brush applicator and a laundry tablet.

You can now buy this TODAY ONLY at a reduced pice of only £19.97 at (9th July 2017)

IMG_1049_FotorBelow I have written up a mini review of each item I have tried! Hope this helps and make sure you snap up this bargain whilst you can!

Laundry Tin;

RRP £9.99

I love this laundry tin, It is so cute! To me this screams vintage and shabby chic. It is beautiful but simple and I feel could fit in well with any Kitchen/ Utility decoration you may have. It is a great size for storing your pellets, eggs and accessories, or could also be used to store any other products or cleaning items to keep away from little hands! It keeps your laundry area looking clean and tidy with a hint of vintage! This is made from premium aluminium and will last a super long time. It feels well made and sturdy! It fits this entire kit into it perfectly.

Laundry Eggs;

£19.99 Each (Includes 720 washes)

The beauty of the Eco Egg is that it saves so much money and hassle. It will completely replace all your other laundry detergent products. They pellets last a really long time and are sensitive on the clothing.

There are two types of pellets, White and Black. As a rough guide you will need One set of black pellets, and 3 sets of white when you first use you eco egg. After 72 washes.. yes 72! You will need to add in one more white package (the black ones last a lifetime!)… So after every 72 washes you need to add more white pellets. Could that be any simpler?

The Eco Egg is also supported by many associations such as Allergy UK and the National Ezema Society, it is dermatologically tested and great for those with skin issues or irritations. This system works out much cheaper than using detergent and softner at around 3p per wash. The 720 Wash system generally works out as a 3 year lifecycle. Imagine how much money you spend in 3 years washing your clothing? It is also available in a few different scents including fragrance free, Soft Cotton and Spring Blossom!

Egg Holders;

£3.99 Each

You know how I just said how can it get any simpler? Well, I guess it can! Egg Holders! Take your egg out after each wash and pop it in this nifty little holder. This can be attached to a wall, inside a cupboard or even on your actually washing machine as it has one of those handy little sucker pads on it! No need to faff around searching for detergent and liquid, grab this out of the holder and chuck it in the machine (replace pellets when needed). So fast and easy! The holders are white and subtle looking and would look great on display or handy to stick up high away from little hands. It has handy holes in it to help the egg drain away properly. The sucker pad can be attached at the bottom to stick onto worktops or on the back to attach to a wall, cupboard or washing machine.

Detox Tablets;

Pack of 6 £3.99

This is one of those must have products that I never ever buy. It is so easy to forget to buy products that help your washing machine, not just help you to do your washing. These tablets help to tackle soap scum and limescale build up in your washing machine. It also removes any odours hanging around in the back there! Having your washing machine regularly detoxed will help it last longer and be more efficient to keep it working at it’s best.  These again are super nifty and easy to use and a great addition to a laundry routine! A must have!

I would certainly recommend trying out this brand!

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