Rematural Organic Beauty

Rematural Organic Beauty

Rematural Organic Beauty is a lovely Cruelty Free and Vegan Skin and Hair Care Brand. They use sustainable organic ingredients. Everything is made in small batches for extreme quality. All their products are free from Synthetic Fragrances, Colourants, Mineral Oil, Silicons, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, Parabens, Petroleum, GMO, PEG’s, TEA and all other harsh chemicals. Can’t say fairer than that?

I have recently kindly been gifted their Hair Elixir Oil to try out!


Hair Elixir Oil

The Hair Elixir oil is a blend of four natural oils with amazing benefits for your hair. It includes Organic Argan Oil, Kalahari Oil. Moringa Oil and Virgin Marula Oil. It claims to be light weight and sink in to the hair quickly and to protect damaged hair and promote a healthy scalp. It has hints of Jasmine and Lavender for scent.

 Firstly a big thumbs up for another Cruelty Free and vegan UK brand, we all know these can be hard to come by sometimes. The products are all natural and amazing quality which is something I certainly look for in a brand. I have been using the hair oil on and off for the past few weeks and have to say I have really been enjoying the process.

It claims it is best used on clean dry or damp hair. To apply 3-4 drops (or less if you are on the oily side) and massage that into your hair starting at the mid range down to the tips and then to comb through.

I have enjoyed this and feel this has gone a long way to moisturise my hair. The mid and tips of my hair feel much smoother now and shinier than they ever have been and split ends seem lessened. The bottle does claim to promote a healthy scalp however it also does not state to pop it on the roots and combing through doesn’t leave a lot on the top portion of the hair so I  can’t claim it has helped my scalp in any way. It is an oily texture however when applying to damp hair I feel it sinks in better and drys out as normal. I personally was not the biggest fan of using this on dry hair. As I like a lot of volume I feel this gives a more sleek and shiny appearance. Which is great if that’s what you are after!

I have throughly enjoyed using this. Taking care of my hair is something that I lack on. Something I really need to and should do more often however is always an after thought. So I was grateful to receive this product to try!

IMG_1005_FotorI would certainly recommend looking in to this brand if you are on the hunt for UK based cruelty free and vegan skin or hair care and can personally recommend the Hair Elixir Oil if you are looking for a great after shower Hair moisturiser.

Much Love






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