Shay & Blue London Perfumes

Shay & Blue London Perfumes

One thing I found really hard when going Cruelty Free was finding a good quality Vegan and Cruelty Free Perfume. For whatever reason they seem hard to come by, especially based in the UK. I have finally found one I have fallen for, Shay & Blue London! They do a huge range of amazing  fragrances. The fragrances are delicately hand harvested, hand weighed, hand distilled then hand batched!

Shay and Blue are 100% Cruelty Free with almost entirely Vegan Options (Blood Oranges and Black Club Leather are the only non vegan items).

They have also won various awards such as Best New Fragrance House in 2014 (The Beauty Shortlist) and Winner of Best Artisan Fragrance in 2012 (Monocle) and Best Creative Director 2013 (CaFleureBon).

I have kindly been gifted a perfume to try!

English Cherry Blossom

£30.00 (30ml)

IMG_1013_FotorEnglish Cherry Blossom is a well known and well loved fragrance here in the UK. It screams romance and love. It includes hints of delicate blossom with additions of Black Cherry and Bergamot. Including deeper notes of fig and cherry wood to bring the scent together.

To me I get an initial hit of a fruity floral scent. It is beautiful and I feel as the day goes on notes of woody musks start to come through. It is a wonderful scent. I am not much of a floral person and even I have been loving to use this one! It is a really classic sweet scent that can be used on these beautiful summer days, but also screams sophistication and wouldn’t be out of place on a summer night either. The scent lingers and does not need topping up which is wonderful.

The bottles are a good size and I would say at a medium price point. The mist is fine and does not feel sticky at all. A new favourite of mine! These also come beautifully wrapped in a stunning presentation box and would make an amazing and impressive gift!

The Notes Include; Top (Bergamot and Green Mandarin), Heart (Fig, Honeysuckle and Black Cherries), Base (Iris and Woods)

  • Top Note – Bergamot and green mandarin give a sparkling citrus lift to the pink blossoms.
  • Heart Note – Fig, cassis, honeysuckle and black cherries bring a fullness to round out the heart of the fragrance.
  • Base Note – Iris and woods in the base for a sophisticated soft finish.
  • In a rich, long-lasting Eau De Parfum concentration.
  • Beautifully wrapped in a gift presentation box with striped grosgrain ribbon.

I was also kindly sent some samples to try, a quick thought on these so far;

IMG_1011_FotorAtropa Belladona

This one is daring and mesmerising. It is dark and ideal for night time, with notes of Berries, Narcissus, Jasmine, Patchouli and Sandlewood, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Dandelion Fig

Dandelion Fig is suitable for all genders and is a soft delicate fragrance. With notes of Dandelion leaf, lemongrass, fig, tomato vine and juniper. It is a real infusion of fresh scents.


Well, this smells like watermelons. Who would have thought 😉 With notes of Watermelon, Green Mandarin, Green Tea and Honesysuckle. This is a very light fruity fragrance. Very Fresh and energising! Perfect for spring and summer mornings!

Salted Caramel

This one baffled me. To me this smells just like popcorn, sweet delicious popcorn and smells good enough to eat. Please don’t eat it thought! It is an odd one, but growing on me as time goes on! With notes of Caramel. Sea Salt, Vanilla, Sandlewood and Tonka.

I would certainly recommend you check out some of these perfumes if you are after a beautiful cruelty free and vegan perfume that is UK based. They are beautifully presented, beautifully made and smell heavenly. There really is something for everyone here. These have become a new daily essential for me home here and I reckon you will be loving them too!

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