Nemat Perfumes

Nemat Perfumes

Nemat Perfumes are a wonderful cruelty free and vegan perfume brand.

The Attarwala family create amazing scent of attar and perfumes and are one of the most well known perfumers in India and now ship worldwide! There fragrances are natural and vibrant. There is a fragrance here for everyone, whether you are a floral fan or a fruity fan, or even a musky fan!

These are pure concentrated perfume oils so you need to make sure you use them properly so before purchasing be sure to check out their directions pages. In short most store bought perfumes only contain around 5 to 20% perfume. Where as Nemat perfumes are 100% perfume. So it evident you don’t need much of these at all. (Meaning these last a super super long time as well!)

I have recently kindly been gifted a few scents to try out! Each come in either 10ml or 5ml and also in 10ml roll ons.



I noticed this one latest a really long time. It is a definite strong amber scent and you will love this if you like the musky amber scent. The packaging is beautiful and screams Indian culture and vibrant colours. They are a statement on your dressing table and a must have!  This is one of their most popular scents and I can see why!

Egyptian Musk

I have never smelled a Egyptian musk scent before so I was excited to try this one. It is a real unisex scent I would say. It is clean however musky and has a soothing effect. It has a lifting scent but with low notes of musk. It is almost more on the manly side I would say however I can see this being a lovely evening scent so I will certainly be using it for this!

Vanilla Musk

This is my favourite one by far. I have always been a lover of Vanilla scent. Simple,Sweet and amazing. This smells truly like vanilla, candy  sweet and smells good enough to eat. This is a new favourite of mine and a go to fragrance daily for me!

Ruh Gulag (Rose)

I am not the biggest fan of this one, not because it isn’t nice, it just isn’t my scent. I am more of a lover of sweet scents such as lavender, Shea butter, cocoa etc or more fruity scents where as florals are not my cup of tea. I am highly allergic to pollen, which in turn makes me allergic to the summer time and being outdoors, and the scent of flowers just makes me feel a bit rubbish. I do use a lot of rose products now days for their skin benefits however I don’t particularly like the scent and would much prefer the amazing vanilla one. However I will say, If you like Rose, you will love this, because it’s scent is just that. Pure rose.

I would certainly recommend you guys check out this brand if you are after Vegan and Cruelty Free Pure Perfumes. These are heavenly. They come in good sizes and as they are so concentrated they last a really really long time and are well worth the price. They are some of the best Vegan Perfumes I have tried this far and I would definitely repurchase from Nemat again!

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