Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs

Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs

Raw Organic vegan chocolate has got to be one of the best things on the planet. Guilt free, delicious chocolate goodness, which is not only actually good for you in many ways, but isn’t going to make you pile on the pounds, but is also completley cruelty free and animal free! This is great.

Pacari have a whole range of delicious raw organic vegan options, they were even the first raw organic chocolate range in the world to get Biodynamic Certification… that’s pretty impressive right?


This month I have tried their Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao nibs. You got it, chocolate covered chocolate. Can anything be better. These are essentially dark chocolate chips. It taste and texture, that is what they taste like. Sweet yet rich and so darn delicious. These again are very moresish and can be easily eaten in one go. However they also taste amazing topped n nice cream, cereals and all other deserts. They are great to melt and use in cooking. A very versatile and yummy product!

The chocolate is 70% so fairly rich, the cacao nibs, are basically broken up cacao beans… which make chocolate of course. Use these like chocolate chips, or like me… eat them as a snack. They give a great boost in energy and are a great size for on the go … and sharing.. although.. lets be honest.. I didn’t share them 😉 hehe

Hope you enjoyed my little review and be sure to check out some of Pacari’s Raw Organic Chocolate Options. You may be surprised at how many choices you have!

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