Leaf and Stem Skincare

Leaf and Stem Skincare

Leaf and Stem are another really lovely Cruelty Free and Vegan skincare brand. They create conscious products for conscious people!

Each item is custom made to be sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as kind to our animal friends. They use the finest ingredients available which are also 100% pure, raw and organic. So you know you aren’t adding any nasty preservatives or synthetics to your skin. They are also all Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher.

I have recently been kindly gifted some of there products to try.

Face Food;


IMG_0887_FotorOne of their most popular products is the Face Food which is just that. Food for your face. A healthy serum to help moisturise, hydrate and soften even themes senstive or irritated skin.

This s used as serum after cleansing and can be left on overnight if wanted. It contains lots of amazing ingredients such as Rosehip Oil, Frankenscnece oil, Helichyrsum oil and carrot seed oil.

I have used this a few times and have enjoyed it. I will say the scent is nice and not overbearing at all which I like for a serum. It did have an oily consistency and takes a while to sink into the skin, so for me as an oily person this works better as an overnight treatment instead of a day time treatment as I found it to be to oily to use under makeup. It does however sink into the skin for an extra moisturising over night skin treatment.

I only have a sample size of this one so cannot claim whether it has helped my redness or irritation as I haven’t used it enough times for it to make that difference yet. However I have enjoyed using it and felt hydrated after using.

Facial Cleanser


IMG_0889_FotorThis one is what it says on the tin. A Cleanser, to clean and clear the skin of Makeup, or daily grime.

It works really well as a makeup remover and melts even stubborn mascara away nicely. I have been using this as a cleanser and makeup remover over the last few days and found it works amazingly. I slather this on my face and then remove with a warm flannel and it works great to remove dirt and grime. I follow with a second cleanse or exfoliator before adding serum just as I like to be doubly sure all that grime is gone. It leave the skin feeling hydrated after using and wipes away easily. The consistency is quite thin and oil like. It works in a similar way to using a coconut oil or other oils as makeup removers, which is my favourite way to remove my makeup!

Again I only had a sample size of this and used it twice I believe, So I can’t claim it has changed or improved my skin, but I can say that it does what it says on the bottle! This one is 100% Squalene Olive Oil. Which is not an oil I had heard of or used before so I was excited to try this one and would certainly purchase in the future.

Leaf and Stem also kindly sent me some of there soaps to try and they are amazing. Unfortunately these are not available on their website but only in stores in the US. However if you are ever nearby I would certainly suggest trying them out. They smell heavenly and they have some of the most beautiful designs I have seen in a long time. I have a beautiful heart soap with floral rose design and also a smaller soap with a leaf on it. They are great to smell and to look at. These are now both in my bathroom and used by myself and guests. I have also used them in the shower as a soap/shower gel I suppose to wash the body and the smell lingers and leaves you smelling amazing for ages!


I would recommend this brand to anyone as they have amazing ethics and amazing products. Leaf and Stem are US based so please keep in mind shipping and customs if you are also UK based.



Much Love







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