Roil Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Roil Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Roil Lifestyle are a fabulous brand of high quality skin and hair products.  Pronounced Royal, it really does adhere to the decadence of the brand and the quality of the products. As they say, ROYAL with a touch of OIL. Created ROIL.

ROIL products add amazing quality oils to their products to create luxurious blends to encourage healthy natural hair and skin. Some of these Oils include, rose hip oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E and Amla Oil. Amla being the favourite for it’s intense hit of Vitamin C. This is a feature in all of their products. ROIL are also 100% Cruelty free and Natural Products. I was kindly gifted some of their products to try and here are my thoughts;

Shine Shampoo

This one combines Amla oil and Coconut and Rose oils. Claiming to leave hair clean and shiny. It is a luxurious, high performance hair cleanser, with a unique refreshing scent. It also claims to fight against stress factors, soften and protect hair and improve elasticity. It is also Paraben free.

Rosehip oil helps to hydrate and heal hair and leave it invigorated where coconut oil helps to renovate and hydrate leaving  hair smooth. Amla Oil, also known here as Gooseberry Oil, is so nutrient dense that it hosts a whole load of antioxidants making the hair stronger!

I have been really enjoying using this Shampoo.

Firstly it looks amazing, the bottles are beautiful yet simple. I can see how they would look pride of place In any hotel, spa or salon, but would also go nicely in any decorated bathroom. They are white, square, sleek and simple will elegant royal gold labels. A statement.

The product itself smells heavily. It is easy to dispense and comes in a handy squirt bottle. A little of this goes a long way so I can see this lasting me a long while. It is easy to lather and bubbles nicely to spread into the hair easily. It leave the hair feeling clean and hydrated, not heavy at all. I will certainly be continuing to use this one regularly.

IMG_0882_FotorI have also been trying this along side the coordinating Conditioner;

The Shine Conditioner again claims to be lightweight, intensely conditioning and softly fragranced. It includes many antioxidants and vitamins to help strengthen and protect hair.

It includes amazing ingredients such as Shea Butter, for extra fatty acids and vitamins, this is also ridiculous smoothing and helps with tangles and to leave hair smooth and sleek. Grape Seed Oil which has healing powers! Again Amla oil for nutrients and antioxidants and to leave the hair strong and healthy.

I have really been enjoying using this one also. It has left my hair sleek and smooth, it is really easy to brush after shower, it feels stronger and is definitely leaving me with less hair fall out.

My hair when dry is shining and looks a lot more healthy. I have very dull natural hair, an ashy colour and it even lifts and shines this which is amazing. It is as they say weightless, in the sense that it leave the hair with some amount of volume as well as shine and leave the hair feeling light and clean as well as glowing. The only issue I have with this one is the bottle. Again it is beautifully don’t get me wrong. It is just the pump on this one is hard to work. I almost feel like the formula is too thick to use in a pump bottle form. I love the formula when using as it is so easy to spread through the hair and I am a fan of a thicker conditioner. However it was hard to dispense. I feel like this one would be much easier and quicker to use if it was in a squirt squeeze bottle instead! Other than that I also love this one and as a team they are to die for.

I would certainly recommend this brand to anyone looking for beautiful skin and hair products that are also cruelty free and vegan.. and good for you and your body!

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