Anumati Naturals

Anumati Naturals

Anumati Naturals is lovely skincare brand from Finland. They are 100% Cruelty free and Vegan. All products are high quality and organically made. Not only are the products organic they are also not Water Based like many products on the market are. They are made in small batches using fresh ingredients. All products are also free from paragons, synthetic fragrances, GMO’s and toxic chemicals. The products are all natural and all our 100% Vegan so you can shop with ease!

I was kindly gifted some of their products to try!

AntiStress Cream

IMG_0894_FotorThis product is made for stressed skin. Skin that is dry, irritates, acne prone or oily skin. It claims to leave skin calm and to counteract redness and regulate the PH balance in the skin. It claims to leave the skin with 24 hour care and to regulate skin. It can be used morning and evening. It is also 100% natural using 89.7% organic ingredients. I have enjoyed using this one. The colour is a little off putting as it is bright mustard yellow, however the scent is pleasant. A little of this goes a long way and I feel this is going to last me a really long time.

I cannot say if it has helped with redness or irritation as I feel I would need to use it for a much longer period to see this affect however it is a nice moisturiser. It takes a little while to sink into the skin completely so I feel it works better for night than day however it has left my skin feeling nicely moisturised! I will be continuing to use this one throughout the next few months!

Herbal Refreshing Mist

IMG_0891_FotorThe refreshing Herbal Mist is meant to be used as a form of toner or finishing spray, just a general refreshing face mist to rehydrate the face when needed. It is active infused to help prep skin, set makeup and revitalise skin. Herbs are helpful for balancing the skin whilst blueberry promotes a bright complexion.

This one is good for all skin types and especially helps brighten dull skin and uneven skin tones. This one again is 100% Natural and this time an impressive 98.5% Organic.

I really liked this one, I used it mostly as a toner and it worked well to prep and prime the skin. It left the skin feeling tightened yet moisturised. I can imagine this would be a life saver in the warmer weather and on holidays to plump and moisturise dried out skin. The scent is pleasant and not to strong at all which I think is wise for this kind of product. Is is natural and calming, enough so that I will even use this on my little ones sensitive skin. It  also works nicely as a setting spray. I have used it over makeup and it did not move the makeup at all, It also works well for using with brow products and eye shadows to dampen the brush for a smoother and stronger application. I perosnally use it most as a toner with a cotton pad after cleansing and also if I am having a makeup free day, a few times through the day just to moisturise and plumped the skin.

Vanilla Body Mousse


IMG_0892_FotorThis product I really enjoyed. Is is a lovely Vanilla scented body mouse. It is really smooth and soft, it sinks into the skin really quickly and leaves you smelling heavenly. I am a massive fan of vanilla, almond, nutty and natural scent. Shea butter and Vanilla have to be a few of my favs! It is suitable for sensitive and dry skin again. It is meant for intense hydration to help lift life back into the skin and improve overall skin health.

I personally have used this mostly as a body moisturiser for my whole body. I particularly like to use this for the neck and chest after shower to reenergise skin back! It sinks it quickly making it ideal for post shower so you c an dress quickly and still feel moisturised but not sticky.

This is also 100% natural and has 90% Organic ingredients.

The only issue I had with this one is the bottle. (By the way, all the packaging is recyclable, which is awesome!) It is in a pump bottle, this works well for the serums however this mousse is fairly thick and I found the pump didn’t really work, it wouldn’t allow much product out at all and it really struggled to pump the formula out I think this would work better in a sqeezy bottle or just in a tub just to make the process of getting the product ready a little easier!

Couperose Ce Serum

IMG_0893_FotorThis one had me a little puzzled at first as to be honest I had no idea What Cuperose-CE even was!

This cream claims to reduce visible signs of ageing and sooth sensitive skin. It is a light and skin brightening treatment which has high volumes of Vitamin C. Vitamin C of course known for its help with anti ageing, this combined with Cuperose which claims to help with sun damaged and pigmented skin could be a force to be reckoned with. It is deep penetrating and skin nourishing. It can be used daily to help fight the dreaded ageing.

I have enjoyed using this one.I am not the biggest fan of the scent so tend to reach for the other products more than this one however I have enjoyed using it. I cannot really tell how this works on wrinkles, I do have fine lines and the starting of wrinkles however as of yet I can’t really see or review whether it works well for this purpose. I can however say it is very moisturising. Sinks into the skin fairly quickly and works well to hydrate and illuminate the skin. This one again is a bright yellow colour however leave no colouration to the skin at all.

Is is again also 100% natural and this time 92.8% Organic.

Intensive Hydration Mask

IMG_0895_Fotor100% Natural and 84.8 % organic. This is a lovely intensive moisturising mask. This is meant to restore high levels of hydration. It claims to help tired and dehydrated skin as well as reduce redness, tightness and prevent itching.

This one is really nice. I love the scent, it again smells like vanilla with a twist which I love. It is intensely moisturising.

This one takes a little while to sink in however is not oily. I personally like to use it as an overnight treatment. Slather on a good amount at night and just leave it to skin away into he skin s you watch some rubbish television or get some beauty sleep. In the morning you awake with lovely soft clear skin. It works great. I like the fact its s in a tub as well as it makes for easy application. I have really enjoyed using this one!

Cost wise the products range from 20-40 Euros. (Roughly £17-£35 mark, Which I would say is a mid range price point for skincare, but quite reasonable for hand batched organic and cruelty free vegan products)!

Cleansing Products are around 22-26 Euros.

Face Creams around 37 Euros.

Body Products start from 32 Euros

And Serums range from 33 Euros.

They are mostly sold in salons due to the high quality of the products however the Founder Anu also takes orders via email and is always a swift responder and very helpful! So if you need any help, or questions or want to see what is best for you and extra pricing help then just give her a buzz!

Hope this helps!

Much Love







  1. Natalie
    April 2, 2018 / 4:41 pm

    Hi! Do you know where you can purchase these products? Their website seems to be product information only.

      April 12, 2018 / 1:56 pm


      They mainly sell in bulk to companies and spas, however they are more than happy for one of purchases like I did, just send them an email on their contact page and they will get back to you quickly I’m sure :)!

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