Paavani Ayurveda Skincare

Paavani Ayurveda Skincare

Pavaani Ayurveda Skincare

A beautiful artisan line of small batch, organic skincare products. They are made the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in mind, which is all about honouring individual needs and nurture radiant health and beauty from within.

Their products are 100% Plant based, of course cruelty free and vegan. They are also organic and wild harvested. Non GMO, Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Chemical Free.

The concept Behind  Paavani Ayurveda can come across as quite confusing at first however after reading through, the long and short of it is a basic need to take care of yourself. To empower people to look after their bodies and be aware of what we put in them or on them!

It consists of 3 Doshas; Vita, Pitta and Kapha. Apparently each living being has all three elements in them however in different strengths and blends.

And each of the skin care ranges, Vita, Pitta and Kapha are specifically made to suit these differences in each person to get the best for. Your body.

They have a lovely questionnaire on their website you can find down below in which you can take a little test to determine which range would work best for you!

Here are some of the products that popped up for me!

Floral Water

IMG_0758_FotorThis is a lovely product. It is essentially pure organic moral water. It can be used as a toner/ moisturiser and can also be missed with their other products such as serums to help them blend into the skin a little easier.

This one contains both Rose and Lavender to create a water that is soothing and hydrating. This can also be used as an eye wash if needed!

I have really enjoyed using this one. It sinks into the skin really quickly, the scent isn’t overwhelming and to be honest it really does just feel like water and sinks away so quickly. It is great for mornings when you need to get going super quickly but need a little pick me up! I have also used this mixed with their serums and found it worked well to tone the serum down and help it sink into the skin quicker and easier with a less oily appearance.


Pitta Cleanser and Mask

When Taking the questionnaire my Dosha came back as Pitta. So I have a few of the pitta products to try.

This is a smoothing cleanser which uses Bentonire Clay and herbs of Sandlewood, Amalaki and Neem to cleanse, draw out inpurities from the skin. It also claims to be calming and clearing to help remove irritation and blemished.

It states it can be mixed with floral water to create a thin paste and be used as a cleanser. It can also be used to create a mask by adding a little less floral water and creating a thicker case.

I have been using this on and off over the past week and have enjoyed it. I preferred to use it with just water than mixing with the floral water as I love an inshore exfoliator. The little particles in it are quite sandy in texture and tough. However they do give a good deep clean. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth after using and certainly clean. I can’t really comment on the irritation and blemishes as I only had a small sample size to try and feel this would take more time to truly see if it made a big difference. On first impressions I really am enjoying using this one.

Pitta Toner

Toner is an amazing product and something I go through so quickly so I was excited to give this one a try!

It is a rich blend of Rose and Chrysanthemum, and claims to reduce irritation, heal blemishes and sooth sensitive skin.

For sensitive skin, use to gently remove traces of cleanser & any trapped dirt, oil & make-up. This antioxidant rich blend, formulated with Rose & Chrysanthemum, reduces inflammation, heals blemishes & soothes sensitive complexions.

To be honest this on his my least favourite. The little spray bottle is nice and it disperses just the right amount. The texture is also nice and it does sink into the skin really quickly however t is the scent that does it for me. It is so so strong and overwhelming. I personally I am not a fan of floral scents, so for me this was a little to much. It was also one that lingered on the skin. If you are a fan of floral scents I am sure you will enjoy this one though!

Pitta Serum

Lastly I have been trying the Pitta Serum. This is formulated for sensitive skin and claims to reduce redness, calm irritation and protect the skin.

Applied after toning and can be used alone or mixed with floral water.

I have enjoyed using this one.It is quite thick and oily in texture which works well overnight as it takes a while to sink into the skin. I have used this as an overnight treatment and it has left my skin feeling smooth and soft and free from irritation. These products I would say all are suitable or sensitive skin as they are so natural and delicate. I wouldn’t personally use this for morning as it is a little too oily for me, I am a very oily person especially on my T Zone and as a makeup wearer I don’t like to encourage extra oil on the face as it breaks down makeup. I have also used this mixed with the floral water which I preferred. It was much thinner and sank into the skin a lot quicker.

You can also buy these products in a bundle here! And Paavani also offer free samples!

Buy in Bundle;

I have really enjoyed not only the products but also learning about Ayurveda and Doshas. It has been a mind opening experience and something I hope to look into more in the future!

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