Kit & Kin Natural Eco Friendly Baby and Mummy Products

Kit & Kin Natural Eco Friendly Baby and Mummy Products

I recently discovered the brand Kit & Kin when I was browsing for eco friendly baby and toddler products for my little girl. The company as founder by Emma Bunton (former baby spice for those 90’s kids like me, amongst other amazing jobs) and Unicef ambassador Christopher Money.

The range is made using natural, nourishing and eco friendly ingredients. Making the products kind to skin and the environment. They have created a range of baby and mum products with amazing quality and safety. There is nothing more important to a new mum, than knowing they are doing the right thing for their child. Buying from Kit and Kin you really can’t go wrong!

IMG_0760_FotorThe products are also eco friendly made from sustainable materials and are recyclable and biodegradable where possible. They have even gone an extra mile and stated that for ever 10 Kit & Kin Nappy subscriptions they will purchase one acre of rainforest from the World Land trust (providing clean air, lifesaving medicines and most importantly help save the animals living within them!)

They are also of course PETA approved and completely cruelty free in every aspect which is a massive thumbs up from me!

The skincare products are of course clinically and dermatologically tested so they are safe to use on the most senstive of babies skin.

They also offer hassle free subscription bundles which will save money and time, and having to go nappy shopping! Whoop!

I have recently kindly been gifted some of their products to try!

Hair and Body Wash for Baby


IMG_0762_FotorThe hair and body wash is Hypoallergenic, PH Balanced and certified natural.

This includes a whole host of wonderful planet extracts, including mango and strawberry. This is made as a super simple product that can be used for both cleansing and washing the hair and body in one quick easy step. Making bath ties that little bit quicker and easier… especially if your little ones try to crawl out of the bath and climb up your arms like a cat… it certainly helps!

It is an amazing product, it smells pleasant and leaves her skin super moisturised and her hair light and fluffy. She has wild hair and this even goes some way to tame it!

The bottle is also really beautiful and looks expensive and luxurious in the bathroom, the cap is easy to use and a little product goes along way!

This product is also free from paragons, silicones, dyes, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde carriers, gluten and PEGS!

This is also 98% Natural, and 53% Organic. Great stats for a great product!

Bubble Bath for baby


IMG_0761_FotorWe have also been trying out the Bubble Bath. We love this. There is nothing quite like having a nice warm fun bubble bath, with extra bubble blowing of course. It is one of the few things that actually chill my little ones out in the bath. A little of this works well to create a bath full of little bubbles and the kids love it!

It again in Hypoallergenic, Ph Balanced and Certified Natural. This time with another host of natural plant extracts from mangos, strawberries, ginseng and plum. It hasn’t dried out the skin at all like some bubble baths tend to and it worked well to create a lot of bubbles and in turn… a lot of fun!

This one too is free from paragons, silicones, dyes, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde carriers, PEG and Gluten. It also is made using 99% natural ingredeints which is amazing! It is so warming to know exactly what is going into your bath and having contact with a new babies skin. Although my little one is now a toddler, I still worry about harsh chemicals, and with these products the worry is lifted making buying and shopping a much more satisfying experience.

Body Oil for Baby


IMG_0764_FotorThe Baby body oil is a great product for dry skin or eczema. It is again hypoallergenic, Ph balanced and certified natural. But this one is 100% natural! Wahoo, that is absolutely amazing!

It has a blend of 12 naturally nourishing oils. To name a few; jojoba, rosehip, apricot, ginseng and papaya!

It is paragon free, and free from formaldehyde carrier, gluten, PEG, synthetic fragrances, dye and silicones.

I love this product. I remember using oils on my little princess when she was little and she loved me to massage her arms and legs, she found it soothing and often fell asleep whilst doing it, I can imagine this will have the same affect. Unfortunately, the little lady wouldn’t ket me near her as she is a stubborn little madam! However my big lad Tyler now 6 was happy to try this one out. He suffers from dry skin n the back of his arms. We have no idea why, it is a very random spot to have dryness and the only place he has it. So I make a point now to moisturise these areas after every bath or shower he has and this has been a great addition. Oils are super moisturising and once I have altered them on and he has his jammies on he said it isn’t sticky at all and feels nice. It doesn’t itch his sensitive skin and seems to have helped a lot even in the small space of time we have used it thus far. We will certainly be repurchasing this one!

Strecth Mark Oil


IMG_0763_FotorAs I am sure most pregnant ladies do, I suffered with stretch marks. I must admit I was awful at looking after my skin during pregnancy. I was one of those mums that went out and bought all the creams and all the oils, used them for the first trimester… and then forgot or gave up.. when I needed them. most. Whoops!

First time around I only had one stretch mark under my belly button, so I figured second time round I would be the same… hell no! My stomach looks like a zebra. T be fair, I can live with this, it’s my war wounds… my pregnancy scars only show I have created another being and brought them into the world. I would never hide the fact I am a mum so why should I hide the marks of baring them? However I will say, using oils has helped since having her to decrease the overall redness and help gain more elasticity in the stomach area. I have been using this on areas I still have some marks and it seems to be working well to decrease them even more. I am fairly pale and they are slowly getting to the point they have faded out which is nice. I have also been using this on the rest of body as I am looking to loose a little weight and this is great for helping boost elasticity in other parts of the body too! To help the skin shrink down with the fat! You never know another baby may appear one day and I will try it from start to finish for once and let you know how I get on ;)!

This of course is Hypoallergenic, Ph Balanced, Certified natural and is again 100% natural 🙂 yay!

I really wish I had found this brand when my little one was in nappies as my days, there nappy bums are the cutest thing ever! Check them out if you are after a more eco version of a disposable nappy! I did personally use cloth nappies for most of my little ones nappy journey, but if that scares you these are a great cruelty free and eco friendly alternative! I had an obsession with Panda Bears as a child and the thought of a little quid with a panda on the bum is far too exciting! hehe.

I would highly recommend you check Kit and Kin out if you are after natural, cost effective, eco friendly and high quality baby products. They really are amazing!

Much Love


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