WILD THING Food- Vegan and Raw Vegan Snacks!

WILD THING Food- Vegan and Raw Vegan Snacks!


As you all may know I now eat a mostly raw diet! I would say at least 80%+ now days and I am a big snacker.

I recently saw Wild Thing Foods have Raw vegan snack bars and I could not wait to try them.

WILD THING create delicious organic snacks and granola products. I have tried most of their products and written some reviews below!

Raw Snack Bars;

These are the reason I was excited, Raw Vegan snack bars. I love a snack, especially a guilt free one! These come in 4 different flavours, Berries and Seeds, Coconut and Chia, Cacao and Almond and Nuts and Seeds Bars.

These are made using organic ingredients and are so flavourful and delicious.

IMG_0741_FotorFirstly I tried the Berries and Seeds Bar, it contains 78% Fruit! It also include acas berries and sunflower seeds so are packed with antioxidants and minerals and vitamins. I really love the taste of this one, if you like berries you will like this, it has a sweet kick with a hint of sour to blend. It is delicious. The texture of these bars is somewhat squidgy, I would say like a brownie consistency. Almost like a dense cake! They are really scruffy!

I have also tried the Coconut and Chia bar, this one is delicious. If you like coconut and island tastes you will love this one, it is very coconut flavoured! It is a blend of five organic ingredients again rich in minerals and vitamins. The perfect guilt free snack.

Thirdly I tried the Cacao and Almond bar, I have to say this was my favourite There is nothing quite like a choclately nutty bar which is guilt free. How could you ask for more. Basically a healthy chocolate brownie. Yes please!

The Nuts and Seeds bar I think may be my least favourite just as I am not the bigg4est fan of the taste. However it is still nice and if you are alover of seeds and nuts you will ike this one too. It is great for workouts pre and post workout as it has a slow energy release leaving you fuller for longer and giving you that extra burst when you need it.

Berries and Seed; http://www.organicdeliverycompany.co.uk/organic-wild-thing-paleo-raw-berries-seeds-bar.html

Nut & Seed;  http://www.organicdeliverycompany.co.uk/organic-wild-thing-paleo-raw-nuts-seeds-bar.html

Coconut and Chia; http://www.organicdeliverycompany.co.uk/organic-wild-thing-paleo-raw-coconut-chia-bar.html

Cacao & Almond; http://www.organicdeliverycompany.co.uk/organic-wild-thing-paleo-raw-cacao-almond-bar.html


I was also kindly gifted some other products from WILD THING, these are not Raw, however are of course, healthy, organic and Vegan. So these are things I will certainly eat every now and then when I fancy a pre made snack!

IMG_0734_FotorThe granola is delicious, I have used these alone and eaten them as snacks. I have also of course tried them with almond milk, soy milk and other non dairy vegan milk substitutes (almond is certianly my favourite! Especially mixed into the Equatorial Mix!). I have topped them on yoghurt, used them in recipes and they have worked amazingly for many different things. To be honest the way I eat them most is just in a little bowl when I need a snack whilst watching some kind of awful reality TV!

The Island Coconut Granola I think is actually my favourite of these ones! It has such a wonderful mix of sweetness and crunch. The Cashews give it a creamy texture, along with the coconut chunks and nut and seed clusters. It is a really wonderful sensation and absolutely delicious!! I have tried this on coconut dairy free yoghurt, and my days, it is delicious!


For all the berry lovers out their they also have this one in Mountain Berry flavour. It is a mix of delicious sweet cranberries, goji berries and mulberries. This one hits a real punch with the sour and zesty taste of the fruits with the lovely sweet nut and seed clusters. This one is less sweet and more tangy than the others but paired with a sweet nut milk it is simply delicious!


Chocolate lovers you too are covered as of course there is a delicious chocolate option. The Equatorial Cacao Granola, it has a h out of crunchy raw cacao nibs, which are basically chocolate chips and lots of nut and seed clusters. It is basically chocolate nut cereal.. how could anything be better! I really have like this one and think it is delicious with almond milk and also on top of banana nice cream!


Island Coconut Granola,


Mountain Berry Granola;


Equatorial Cacao Granola;


PopCorn Flats;

This is something I haven’t really seen before. And certainly not in Vegan form. They remind me of very very thin and smaller Snack a Jacks. These are small thin round discs of flattened popcorn. Again not raw, but still organic vegan and delicious!

IMG_0732_FotorI have tried a few different flavours of these, firstly the Sunset Burst Popcorn flats.

These I think were my least favourite, just because I am not a fan of the flavours involved, but if you do like these veggies I am sure you will like these also. They include carrot, beetroot and tomato with a hint of ginger. They are well flavoured but not too overwhelming! They make a great snack, I have also had these with guacamole on, other spreads and eaten them like crackers and also eaten them straight out of the packet when I am peckish and in a hungry mood!

I have also tried the Fusion Burst Popcorn Flats, these ones I much preferred, they include Black rice and coconut, green cardamom and garam masala. I didn’t think by reading that I would even like this but turns out I do! They have a slight spice to them but come up fairly plain I found, these were really nice with sweet and spicy spreads on and also flavourful enough to eat out of the packet fairly easily… too easily in fact… that they are all gone… Whoops.

The final ones I have tried are Protein Burst Popcorn flats. As a vegan.. I am sure you have heard just like me,… where do you get your protein? Well… in everything, but these include tons! These are a great pre workout or post workout snack to stock back up on some protein quickly. They are I would say plain… They are a powerhouse of seeds and grains. They include quinoa, chia and cumin. I think these taste best with some form of spread or paste on them… just because they are quite plain. If you enjoy a more plain palette you will like these as they are. I think these are a great post workout snack and I will be saving some for after my workouts for sure (which.. will be soon… huh hum…*cough cough*)

Sunset Burst Popcorn Flats;


Fusion Burst Popcorn Flats


Protein Burst Popcorn Flats


DO go ahead and check out WILD THING, they have some amazing products that are unique in both product and taste. They have some great flavours and are amazing vegan snack options. I think my favourite has to be the Island Coconut Granola! It is heavenly!! I will certainly be repurchasing some of my favourite items soon. They make a great addition to a healthy food cupboard and if you are experimenting with Raw veganism like me the Paleo Raw Vegan Bars are a must try 😉 Hope you enjoyed my review

Much Love


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