Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Banana!

Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Banana!

As you all know I have recently been dabbling in Raw Veganism and Eating well, I’d say about 80% plus Fruitarian really! SO when I found out one of my most favourite Vegan Chocolate brands had Raw Vegan options I was over the moon!

Pacari is 100% Cruelty free and ethical making your delicious chocolate experience guilt free.

There are no artificial contents, no soy or gluten and Pacari have even won more than 90 awards in the last 4 years.

Pacari Have a whole range of Raw Vegan products and I was very excited to try them out! This month I am trying their Raw Organic Chocolate Covered Banana.


These are like little balls of heaven. They are small dried chunks of banana dipped into 100% raw organic dark chocolate. Bananas of course give lots of energy and are filling, so what better snack to have on the go, whether it be post workout, whilst out exploring or as a go between from breakfast to lunch time.

I really liked these. They aren’t an intense banana flavour I would say but a subtle one that is super sweet and mixes nicely into the chocolate. The chocolate is dark and a little bitter, but the dark rich chocolate mixed with the sweetness on the banana is just delicious.. These are super moresish and I must say I did almost eat the lot in one do! I did say a few to top on my banana nice cream though. What could be better banana nice cream with banana chocolate chunks! Yes Please!

If you are a snacker like me… you neeeeeed to try these! Yummy!

Much Love


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