Marie Natie Natural Makeup- Vegan and Cruelty Free

Marie Natie Natural Makeup- Vegan and Cruelty Free

Marie Natie are a wonderful beauty brand that create natural makeup products.

Their products never have Parabens, Sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, retro chemicals, phthalates, siloxanes or PEG compounds. They are of course also 100% Cruelty Free, Peta Approved and have Vegan options.

I was kindly gifted some of their products to try and here are my thoughts;

Gel Liner

Black – $20.00

IMG_0706_FotorThe black liner I personally was not the biggest fan of. I am not that much of a liner person and when I do I tend to plump for liquid liner, so I did have some difficulty with this. I found it to be a bit dry and had some fall out when trying to apply. When using wet it was not pigmented enough. After a few coats I got the desired affect. I can’t say whether it is the product or myself not using it properly but unfortunealy this wasn’t my favourite. I will be having a play with this one over the coming weeks and let you know how I get on with it!

The formula is soft and cream, and black, however I would say comes out more of a dark graphite grey sort of colour.

It drys quickly and stays in place all day, (14 hours was the longest I had it on!). I like the look I was able to Create with it and will certainly be getting my head around this one shortly! I hope!


Black – $16.00

IMG_0707_FotorThe perfect lash mascara is just that. I have been really enjoying using this one. It has a natural affect which is also buildable. It is a good travel size and a matt black in colour. It goes on nicely and lasted all day. I will say however it is not waterproof in the slightest so if you are a cryer or out in wet weather this one maybe a miss… but for the nice weather and happy days, this mascara is … happy days! It lasted around 14 hours (the longest I have tried it for so far) and I have also worn it on various occasions throughout the week. I have really enjoyed using this on a daily basis to make my lashes black and lengthened. It also thickens the lashes alittle but stull keeps them looking natural. The formula is nice and it drys quickly. I would certainly recommend this one!


IMG_0705_FotorI have their lipstick in the shade Evelyn which is a really nice brown/pink nude. It is very 90’s and quite nostalgic in colour. I have really enjoyed it for those days I need a nude lip. It is  a really lovely formula, possibly one of my favourite lipstick formulas I have tried yet that is cruelty free and vegan. It is silky and smooth to apply but still highly pigmented. It seems moisturising and nourishing. Due to the silky nature of it, it does move around a little when eating or drinking, but this is to be expected with a non matt product, however it is a handy travel size and can be reapplied nicely and blends in nicely. It reminds me of a lip balm… with colour!



IMG_0704_FotorThe lipgloss I have in the shade Flair. Which is a lovely soft nude pink. I matches lovely with the shade above and lightens it up a little and leave a lovely glossy shine. This one goes on nice and smooth as well and feels lovely on the lips. It is not sticky in any way and has good staying power.

It is full of wonderful ingredients to hydrate and even reduce ageing and wrinkles due tot he grape seed oils. So I can look amazing and anti age at the same time. Amazing!

I love the way this applies and the feel of it. I will be trying more of these shortly!

This one is also Vegan and Gluten free!

Also Check out my video over on my Youtube channel, First Impressions (Link in contact details) to see my applying for the first time!).

I would certainly recommend this brand, I love their ethics, the fact they are natural and cruelty free and that they work! They have become a go to everyday item in my daily routine. I am loving the Mascara a lot this week!

Much Love


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