CoCo Caravan Vegan Chocolate Bars!

CoCo Caravan Vegan Chocolate Bars!

CoCo Caravan

Chocolate… Need I say more!

CoCo Caravan are a wonderful chocolate brand making 100% Raw Vegan chocolates… guilt free… goodness. Yes Please.

They use unrefined and low fructose sweetness, along with organic ingredients. Fair trade ingredients  where possible including cocoa and coconut blossom nectar, and are also soy lectin free.

Everything is also handmade in small batches to create the most fresh amazing raw product. CoCo Caravan are of course cruelty free and are Certified Vegan.

I was recently kindly gifted a few flavours to try, here are my thoughts;

Raw Dark Chocolate 72%


IMG_0688_FotorThe first bar I have recently tried and I think my favourite is the Plain Raw Dark Chocolate bar. It is 72% Cacoa (Criollo) from Peru. This bar is so delicious. It is rich but has just another sweetness to counter act it. It amazes me how smooth it is considering it has no milk product or substitute. It melts wonderfully in the mouth. I’d say these are a little softer in texture than your standard chocolate bars but to me that makes them even yummier! This has a nice rich creamy texture with a hint of coconut. Delicious.

Mocha Latte Blonde Chocolate


IMG_0685_FotorBlonde Chocolate… sounds right up may street 😉

This is a light white chocolate bar basically, without the milk/whiteness!

It is a blonde chocolate bar flavoured with Moche Latte. This is a beautiful mixture of cashew, coffee, chocolate and coconut. It is quite something.

Of course, refined sugar free, vegan, gluten free and dairy free. This has a lovely hint of coconut and coffee mixed together and is really delicious. I c an safely say if you enjoy chocolate, and coffee, you will certainly enjoy this one!

Macha Latte Blonde Chocolate


IMG_0684_FotorWe have all heard the benefits of Matcha of late, it seems to be a big player in the food market right now hosting lots of amazing properties for both your health and mind!

It is a green powder often used to make tea in Japan.

This bar is a mix of cacao, cashew, coconut and matcha.

I personally was not the biggest fan of this one and that is because I just don’t like Matcha as a food product. I use it in beauty as it has amazing antioxidant properties, but I’m not the biggest fan of the taste. If you like the taste of matcha tea and desserts you will love this one though. It has a wonderful texture and melts in the mouth instantly. It is a really beautiful bar, and a subtle hint of green in colour. Something very unique, just not personally for me 🙂

I would certainly recommend trying these chocolate bars out! They do a whole host of amazing flavours and If you are after dairy and soy free chocolate then these are some of the best I have come across. Amazingly rich and sweet with a moreish melt in the mouth texture! Love them!

Much Love


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