Oxygenetix Foundation

Oxygenetix Foundation

I have recently kindly been gifted a new foundation to try from the brand Oxygenetix.

Their products are formulated by plastic surgeons and aesthetic professionals.

The foundation claims to be breathable, due to being oxygen enriched. It was originally formulated for post surgery patients to help minimise scarring, however was later a craze in Hollywood. It also claims to last through day and night and even be worn overnight and slept in with no irritation. They can be used post user treatment, chemical peels, micro needling, injections and minor cosmetic surgery. Keeping you confident even after treatments!

IMG_0691_FotorThe foundations are also free from harsh chemicals, Cruelty Free and vegan of course. They also contain SPF 25+ which is always handy! It comes in a variety of shades and claims to blend with any skin tone. It claims to also be full coverage and be undetectable.

It uses a natural base of Aloe Vera barbadensis instead of an oil or water. This helps it to feel lightweight and protect skin.

Some of the Key benefits indicated by the brand are as follows;

Conceals and camouflages skin imperfections while boosting healing

• Ceravitae Complex supports skin cells, and aids collagen formation and connective tissue growth

• Perfect coverage for rosacea, redness, acne, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and other blemishes

• Vitamin E promotes healing of the skin

• Aloe Vera barbadensis calms and soothes skin while supporting healing

• A breathable mesh network gently bonds to skin and promotes oxygen uptake

• Doesn’t smudge due to sweat or humidity

• Water and transfer resistant (swim up to 90 minutes)

• SPF 25 UVA/UVB protection

• Stays on all day – no need to reapply

• Non-irritating and non-comedogenic

• Hypoallergenic

I have been using this for the past week and here are my thoughts!

Firstly, I really like the packaging. It is sleek and luxurious. It looks impressive and expensive sat on my counter top.

I will say though that this is a high end foundation, to be honest, the most expensive one I own. It costs here in the Uk around the £42 mark. That is for 15ml.

Most standard foundations come in a 30ml bottle… so your talking over £80 to match your standard amount. Which I think is pretty high end. However if you have enough, it is worth a try!

The coverage I would say was a medium, not a full coverage as I was expecting, however it was build able up to a full coverage. Unfortunately for me, their lightest shade of Pearl was a little too dark. It worked well as a medium coverage and blended okay, however when layering the colour match was apparant. I would say it is well buildable and would work great, however not for my super Snow White skin!

It wore all day long and still looked good around 12-14 hours later. It wore through a ling day of work, looking after the children and day t day going about. I also wore it to Band practice in the evening and it wore a little by the lips where my mothpiece lies, but nothing too obvious. I would say the staying power is really good.

I love the fact it is Cruelty Free and Vegan and boosts lots of amazing properties such as SPF and Hypoallergenic with no harsh chemicals

It worked well with other products and was easy to blend into concealers and powders.

I would say that this drys matt and drys quickly, I don’t think even I with my oily skin even needed to set this.

I would state that it is water resistant and would be amazing for working out and holidays. It is also breathable and doesn’t feel like I am wearing makeup which is amazing.

Unfortunately this did break me out, and I am not too sure why. I am going to give my skin a week to clear up and then try it again to see whether it was in fact this that has done it. However I will be saving this one for the summer and the beach! I think this would work really well for people post surgery that would like their confidence in tact without hindering any procedures they may have had. I also think it would be amazing for holidays and swimming and working out. I would certainly recommend trying it if you are after a high quality high end foundation!

IMG_0692_FotorMuch Love


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