Apricot Anti- Ageing Products

Apricot Anti- Ageing Products

Apricot Shop is a lovely store full of amazing anti ageing products.

From eyes, to smile lines, from the neck to the forehead, there is something to help those wrinkles that are fast approaching. They sell products to help rewind ageing and make you more confident again with a fair price bracket. A natural and healthy way to have better looking skin, no injections, no chemicals. Perfect.

Apricot have recently kindly gifted me some of their products to try so here re my thoughts so far!

Silicone Care Neck Pad


IMG_0696_FotorThis is an anti ageing Neck pad to help decrease wrinkles around the neck line. It is made using 100% medical grade silicone. Dermatologically tested, high quality and durable. It claims to give a lifted effect!

It can be used daily for up to 6 months if cared for well. It should be washed imbetween applications.

I actually gifted this one to my mum as I do not have issues with my neck at present and she has said even in a few days she has seen a different, and is now using it heading up to her summer holiday.

I can see a difference in her and her confidence after using these products.

It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t look bad at all. It is fairly invisible really unless you are really looking for it! It works in the sense that it smooths skin whilst you sleep and after stretching the skin into this smooth surface day after day, your skin reacts and keeps the texture making it look and feel younger. It is such a smart system and a good price that all can enjoy!

Silicone Care Decollete Pad


IMG_0695_FotorThis one again is made using 100% medical grade silicone and is dermatologically tested. It is very similar to the neck pad except it is made for the décolleté, chest area. It is a T shape and used to make the chest wrinkles less apparent. It works in exactly the same way as the neck pad and looks the same in the sense it isn’t stand out or obvious when wearing.

I again treated my mum to this one for her holidays and she says it is amazing. It has made her chest look 10 years younger. A must have before you get your bathing suit out on the beach!

The chest and neck are areas where I feel you can really tell the age of a lady as they seem to loose elasticity so quickly. So this is amazing for anyone with these concerns.

Again it can be easily cleaned and used for several months.

Apricot Skin Facial Patches Mouth


IMG_0701_FotorThese ones I was excited to start trying. I am not old by any means however I am starting to notice some very fine lines. Myself and my husband (9years my señor) tried these out and we loved them

These can be used overnight or during the day for a top up.

These basically look like plasters and are applied like a plaster and work similarly to the above by smoothing the skin surface and keeping it tight and relaxing the facial muscles.

I have noticed some small lines appearing on my smile lines and dimples and would love to irradiate these or at least prevent the growth of them!

These have worked a treat. Even after one application I could see a difference, and I am sure in time these will go a long way at preventing and new lines appearing. I would certainly recommend these ones!

They are made using cotton so they are soft and are also water resistant… just in case you are a night time dribbler!

These can be worn each night until you reach you desired smoothness! They must be replaced each night, however each pack includes 100 patches (So 50 applications if popping one each side of the mouth… thats close to 2 months worth of product for only $18. I think this is a great price!).

Apricot Skin Facial Patches Forehead


IMG_0700_FotorThese work! These are exactly the same as the ones above however they are a triangle shape, made to use on the forehead. As the box indicates they can be used singly or you can rotate them to cover any areas you have fine lines. I have been using these between my brows as I have noticed some frown lines appearing which is super annoying. My parent have evident frown lines so I am guessing this is something I will be growing itno and trying to rapidly prevent. I noticed a difference after just one night with these also! Funny story about these too 😉

My husband stole some of these as he is conscious of his under eye wrinkles. As he is a wiggler at night he ended up losing one from under his eye and in the morning he had one wrinkle free eye and one as normal. Firstly it showed it works as one looked siginificanltly better than the other, but at the same time it was pretty amusing haha. I can see that using these over time would certainly improve the look of under eye and forhead wrinkles. I will be using these over and over agin and rebuying for sure!

Apricot Skin Eye Tapes


IMG_0699_FotorThis one stumped me a bit. Maybe I am applying them wrong or more likely maybe I just don’t need them yet as my eyes are still relatively okay!

These are eye tapes to help lift and open the eyes. They are invisible and waterproof. I will agree that these are invisible in the crease of the eye and makeup applies as normal over them

They come in two sizes, small and medium and come in a pack of 96 items!

If you are someone with drooped eyes then this is a real bargain and I can imagine a life saver!

I have noticed a slight lift but nothing major, I will be hoarding these until a day I do need them though. I wish they had a product to help life eyebrows! As I have one brow muscle worse than the other! So if anyone has any they use let me know!

Silicone Care Beauty Sponge


IMG_0697_FotorSo this one is a fail for me, I hate to say it but I am not a fan of the silicone sponge. I have tried one by another brand previously and I just don’t like the texture and the feel as it applies. It does apply fine however I personally think it takes longer and doesn’t look as even. I prefer a sponge blender. However if you do like the silicon sponge I am sure you will love this one too.

It is true that it is more hygienic, and easier to wash and clean and saves you times. They last longer than standard spongers and can help with skin issues as it is much more hygienic. Just not my favourite I am afraid!

You can also buy all the items minus the beauty sponge in a beauty box set;


(Saving you $11.56)

IMG_0693_FotorI would certainly recommend these guys if you are after some anti ageing products. They not only work however are amazing quality and prices. There is nothing worse than using a product that works and getting hooked on it to realise it is unaffordable. Even if you love these, they last several months and are a very reasonable price, not so high you feel guilty buying again and again. I know I will be!

Much Love



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