Carina Organics Cruelty Free Skincare and Haircare

Carina Organics Cruelty Free Skincare and Haircare

Carina aim to give their customers the cleanest product for hair and body possible You can’t really ask for anymore can you, clean, green beauty products that actually work? Yes please!

These natural product are full of medicinal organics and free from cortisone, steroids, DEA, surfaces, salt, propylene glycol, aluminium, synthetic fragrances and dyes! Wow. Carina replaces nasty chemicals with all natural and organic extracts. Carina are 100% cruelty free and PETA approved. They also have a large array of Vegan products available! These are clearly labelled, and you can even just type Vegan in the search bar and it will sift all the ones labelled as Vegan for you. I have recently tried some of their Vegan products and written some little mini reviews for you!

Sweet Pea Daily Light Conditioner

IMG_0563_FotorThis is a wonderful light conditioner that can be used on a daily basis and is meant for a normal hair type. This has a host of amazing natural organic ingredients’ from plants, vegetables, flowers and trees! This one claims to restore cluster, softness flexibility and shine and to detangle hair.

 I have been really enjoying using the conditioner, I have used this as my go to conditioner for the past few weeks and have been loving it. It smells heavenly and leaves my hair once dry looking more voluminous and silky, it has a shine to it and it is so easy to brush it is amazing. This is the one reason I really love conditioners, it leaves the hair so smooth and easy to detangle and the one does an amazing job of doing that. It also leaves the most amazing scent to the hair. I think this may be my favourite scented hair product I’ve tried.

Not only is the product working amazingly, and smells ridiculously good it is also Vegan, Cruelty free, 100% Hypo allergenic, biodegradable, paragon and soy and gluten free and also made using only sustainable palm and coconut oil sources. That is amazing right?!

Sweet Pea Daily Moisturising Shampoo

IMG_0562_FotorThe Shampoo again is an amazing scented product, I cannot get over how nice this smells. You need t smell bit! This also is synthetic free, hypo allergenic, cruelty free of course. Vegan, 100% biodegradable, paragon, soy, gluten and dye free.

This one is your daily shampoo, I have been using this approximately three times a week for the past few weeks and have been really enjoying it. The combination of this and the conditioner work really well. It lathers up nicely and is easy to disburse into the hair and wash evenly. A little lathers into a nice amount meaning this will last a long while and it leave my hair feeling smooth, soft, hydrated and most importantly clean!

Daily Face Moisturiser

Daily Face Moisturizer

IMG_0560_FotorThis is the Daily face moisturiser. Doing what it says on the tin, it is used as a daily moisturiser of the face (and neck). It is synthetic free and scent free. I have never really thought about scents and perfumes in face products before however I must say having one that is scent free didn’t bother me in anyway and got me thinking why would you want scents in a face product.. no one is sniffing your face! This one is made using plant, vegetable and fruit extracts all organic of course. This claims to moisturise skin and combat bacteria. This one is synthetic free, scent free, cortisone and steroid free, hypoallergenic, Vegan and again 100% biodegradable. It is also soy, gluten, paraben and dye free. This is a really nice moisturiser. It is soothing and smoothes nicely into the skin, A little again goes a long way with this one as it is a fairly thin consistancy however it sinks into the skin like water. It is really a lovely formula and texture. I have used this daily for a few weeks and have been really enjoying using it. I am fairly oily so have managed to use this one not only by night but also in the day under makeup as it sinks away and leave the skin moisturised instead of dewy and this is a definite win for someone with oily skin like me!

Unscented Hydrating Skin Cream

IMG_0561_FotorThis is another skin moisturiser, this time it can be used for face and body. Again unscented which I personally don’t mind at all. Knowing my skin is moisturised with less added unnecessary ingredients is fine by me! It is created to help skin stay smooth and soft with certified organic, plant, vegetable, flower and tree extracts. This one is specially formulated to help those with dry skin, the essential oils help to replenish dry skin.

This is synthetic free, hypo allergenic, Vegan, 10% biodegradable, paragon, soy, gluten and dye free! Yay!

I have also really enjoyed using this one. It is one that I have used mostly for the body as it does take a little longer to sink into the skin that the earlier moisturiser, however it is still very moisturising and a very nice thin formula. It takes those few minutes more which is great for when you are pampering or getting out of the shower. I have also used it as a spot treatment on problem patches of skin all over my body and even for my children. This is one thing I love about using brands such as Carina. It is crystal clear what is in their products and knowing they are all natural, and organic means I can use them on my children with no fear. My little boy gets random dry patches in the backs of his upper arms, I have no idea why however using this after each bath or in the evening has helped soothe his skin and it looks a lot more hydrated now than what tidied prior. He loves it so I have a feeling I’ve lost this one now!

I would certainly recommend you guys check out Carina if you are after all natural Vegan and cruelty free hair and skin care products. I have to say the shampoo and conditioner combo is my favourite! I love them and will definitely be repurchasing them. I love the scent of them so darn much!

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