Vegan Weight-loss Food Diary- My Plans!

Vegan Weight-loss Food Diary- My Plans!

May 1st!

So seeming as it is the 1st of the month and it is a Monday I figured what better day to start eating a little better? Right… please tell me I am not the only person who has a hard time keeping their weight on track? Keeping their diet going? I am one of the crashes… I start on a Monday.. do great, fail by Wednesday.. and then figure I will start again on Monday. This also involves eating lots of rubbish over the weekend.. especially eating badly on a Sunday evening before I start again. I can almost guarantee I am not the only one who does this right?

Anywho.. As you may have seen from my recent videos I have been eating mostly raw vegan and focusing pretty much wholly on a fruit based diet. I am really enjoying the strength this has given me and figured I would document my journey as I go.. firstly so you guys can join me on my journey and check out what I am eating and secondly to give myself the little bit more motivation… it’s out in the wide web for many people to see and winge at me when I fail. Fingers crossed it works. I do not have a set amount of weight I wish to loose, however I want to feel healthier and fitter and drop a few sizes ideally.

My youngest is 2 now and through two pregnancies I have gained a lot a lot of weight. I have gained 4 dress sizes, lets put it that way. So I would love to drop back a little, for my own confidence and to feel a little more like me.

So far… over the past 6 months or so I have los around a stone and a half… so this weight loss has been going on a little while just from eating that little bit healthier in phases. I am losing at a guess maybe a lb or 2 a week here and there. My body has now gotten used to the new diet I am taking in and I have hit a plateau! So ow I want to go in a bit harder, a little more extreme for a week or two, and then amp up the exercise… as let’s be honest.. other than walking I don’t do any! Whoops.

So here I am going to document what I am eating, my wins and my fails, mu aches and my pains… to show you what you could expect if you were to take on the same things!


It’s Monday and it’s the first of the month… things will be great. Oh wait, no they won’t because it is a bank holiday and that is basically an extended weekend and I always fail at weekends. We are also off out for the day!

So after a lie in I had a few bananas for breakfast. I am not much of a morning eater! Then we headed off in the car to St Ives to watch the May Day celebrations with a few friends.

I actually brought two bunches of bananas in the car which I planned to have for lunch.

However Peer pressure made me eat out! I don’t know what it is but I feel so rude sitting and watching my family eat whilst I am sat their with nothing. It makes me feel awkward and them. So I figured eating out if I pick the healthiest Vegan option I can find will be fine! So I just did it. I had a Vegan Chilli (Cooked obviously) which can with a few tortillas and rice. It was an under 500 cal meal so I didn’t feel so bad. I did however know that after eating cooked food in the middle of the day I would likely feel fairly full and also need the toilet very shortly!

Getting home later in the day I had for tea a punnet of grapes and I think it was around 4 sweet red apples!

I absolutely love sweet fruit! These took me a little while to eat as I felt nice and full however I did eat them all slowly over the space of around 30 minutes.


Warning.. TMI! Guess what… I have woken up with a dodgy butt. Who would have thought. This always happens if I go a spat eating cooked or junk food.. when I start eating more fruit my body detoxes. I don’t think this is a bad thing, however of course it is not pleasant! Lets hope this eases a little over the next few day’s as my body adapts to eating healthier again!

I spent early morning faffing about, doing two loads of dishes and around 3 loads of washing, sorting gout a pile of toys for a carboot sale and doing general day to day house wife kind of stuff! After that I guess breakfast rolled in at around 10am, I had a punnet of grapes again as they needed eating up!

I then had lunch after doing some blog photos, editing and writing at about 1.30pm, and for that I had 5 bananas chopped up and munched! I enjoy eating fruit with a fork sometimes, don’t ask me why, I just do!

After the school run I made the kids tea and when they were off to bed I finally had something myself.

I decided to go for two pineapples. I love pineapples as a meal, they are one of my favourite fruits and I love when they are super ripe and soft and sweet. Can’t get any better. My mouth is now burning…. I love pineapple but my tongue is still so sensitive to it!

Update of the day is that I have had to pee at least 500 times and I still have the shits! Raw food bliss 😉


Today consisted of 5 apples for breakfast (or brunch I suppose!) then 5 bananas for lunch chopped!

I was filming and working all morning and before I knew it it was time to go and get the little one so off we popped to school.

After picking my son up from school we all headed for a little walk into town to the post office and then back again. I wouldn’t say this is too far, a mile or so. But better than sitting on my bum!  Then we wandered up the hill to mothers house, chilled out there for a bit, then Daddy picked us up and Brought us home.

The kids had tea at mothers and we have band rehearsal tonight so no time for dinner! I ended up muting a few bananas quickly before we left for band as I didn’t have time to make anything else. Then when I got home from band I had another whole pineapple for tea (this would have been around 9.30pm).


Today actually I was not all that hungry!

I spent a lot of the morning prepping food for the day!

I only have a very small yellow plastic annoying juicer which is useless, so when I say I juiced 20 large oranges as you can imagine it took and age and then gave me cramp! But I had lots of yummy orange juice to drink so I guess no pain no gain!

I ended up with three glasses full.

I also peeled about 20 small satsumas and ate those for breakfast along with one of the juices.

It wasn’t until a round 4pm I started to get hungry again so I snacked on a few bananas and another orange juice.

For the evening I had not until a round 9pm! Some pineapple, one cut up I believe and then the last cup of OJ! I’m not sure why I wasn’t as hungry today, hopefully my body is adapting and telling me when it is full!


Today is a bloody miserable day!

I have a long day of editing and writing to do so I guess staying in isn’t the biggest issue! At least I have no excuse not to get I done this week!

So for breakfast I had the last of our apples, which I believe was four apples and some orange juice I had left in the fridge.

For Lunch I had 1 whole pineapple chopped up as I had chopped it yesterday and not eaten it all.

And then after picking little one up from his school clubs, we walked to the post office, posts a load of parcels and walked back. This is firstly up a big hill, so classes as exercise 😉 and it was also raingin and windy, bonus points to me! Haha. After this I did the general day to day chores, sorted the kids out some tea etc, and then I had some bananas for tea. All we have left in the house fresh fruit wise now is a bunch of bananas, I do have some frozen fruit, berries etc… so if needs be it’s smoothies until we go shopping!


Epic fail… I had pasta. I guess not an epic fail, it’s only pasta, with mushrooms and onions. So still healthy, just not raw.

I had the last all the fresh fruit for breakfast and was still hungry so stuffed myself with pasta! Never mind.

We went shopping in the afternoon so I made sure to buy lots and lots of beautiful delicious fruit to keep me going the next few weeks.

I am really enjoying how I am eating and how it is making me feel. My skin seems clearer and until today I had been feeling amazing.

Today I have woken with a stinking cold curtesy of my Husband so I feel completely wiped and sleepy, which is a pain as we have a wedding to go to this evening. I plan not to eat anything there, but will probably have drinks other than water. We never really go anywhere so this is a one off really!

I feel like I’m making excuses? Am I making excuses? Is it okay to cheat your diet every now and then? Let me know your thoughts? I don’t want to restrict myself to the point I feel miserable but go with what men mind and body want or need at any given time! Let’s see… hopefully the scales won’t kill me for a cheat moments!

So today I cheated and had some chips, homemade of course with little oils and some herbs, not awful or me I must admit but not the best. Also we went to a wedding in the evening, that didn’t cater for me, so I figured I best eat something substantial before I go!


I don’t often drink, But I can safely Say I drank too much last night and stayed up too late. I always regret drinking so I am unsure why I do it… maybe it’s time to stand up the peer pressure and just stop drinking. I don’t like the taste of most drinks, my choices are limited now adays as well due to being vegan. I don’t particularly enjoy pubs or clubs, and I certainly don’t enjoy feeling like death the next day and trying to look after two little Hellers when they get home. Should be an interestng day.

I cheated the diet again today as we were out of most food… I ate rubbish, and felt rubbish. Bath and Bed for me!


Good morning… I weighed in, as it is Monday and I have lost 3 lbs! I am very surprised, considering how it all went to pot when the weekend hit! I am happy and pleased about the loss this week, it may not seem much but too me this is significant progress! Hopefully this coming week I will stick to it for the whole week and get a few more lbs off! 2 stone off here I come!!

Thanks so much for reading my food blog diary and I will be keeping this up weekly throughout my weight loss journey. Good or Bad, Weight on or off, I figured it could help you guys and me to stay motivated on our journeys! Let me know your thoughts and how you are getting on!

Much Love



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