MeMatcha DIY Face Mask!

MeMatcha DIY Face Mask!

We all have heard about the latest trend in the food blog world of green tea! The phase has sky rocketed with hundreds of providers on the market. I was kindly sent some Matcha Powder from Me Matcha UK and thought rather than drink it, how can I use this for beauty products. I decided to make myself a little face mask using it to see if it boosts similar properties on the skin as it does for your insides! I have popped a little recipe and review for you down below!

IMG_0635_FotorMatcha tea in particular is great because it has the equivalent vitamins and minerals as around 10 cups of average green tea. Pretty impressive.

Matcha is also full of antioxidants, this can control UV radiation and protect us from inflammation and minimise breakouts and acne. I am all for this. As you know I have hormonal acne and an oily skin type and am constantly battling this! So using this frequently is certainly something I have been interested in.

Not only this but Matcha claims to slow skin call degeneration which in turn will leave skin feeling tighter, smoother and younger!

MeMatcha sell organic ceremonial grade green matcha tea powder. It is grown and harvested in Kyoto Japan and is stone ground to keep its lovely chlorophyll green colour. It is 100% pure match leaf.  I suggest you check them out if you are after some amazing green tea. They have imported from Japan for one of the best tasting teas I have tried. The quality is so good that it taste much more superior than others I have tasted so far here in the UK.


Face Mask Recipe;

So to create my facemark I used the following…

1/2 tsp of MeMatcha Powder

1/2 tbsp of Aloe Vera Gel (could be replaced with water or any other gel or oils you may like!)


I used Aloe as it helps to deeply penetrate the skin, it soaks in nice and quick and is super cooling and hydrating!

To make it, simply mix the ingredients together and plop on your clean face (wash and cleanse first and wash hands before applying!), this can be left on for 5-10 minutes and then washed off.

Follow with your daily routine of toners and moisturisers if you wish!

IMG_0648_FotorSo after using this I have to say it has left my skin feeling beautifully soft.

I am not the biggest fan of the scent of it, as I am not a fan of the more green tea smells! However If you like green tea and the scent of it you would of course not mind this at all. It went on nicely and dried in just a few minutes. It felt as though it has penetrated the top of the skin and was super smoothing and moisturising.

I will say it was fairly hard to get off.

I have tried it in the shower and this worked better as I was able to heat the mask back up and wash it away. Another tip would be to use flannel and steam it over the face gently for a few seconds before removing, as otherwise you do need to scrub a little!

I love using this before my showers in the morning and it leave a lovely matt fresh smooth finish to the face. Perfect for using before make up. I feel great knowing my skin is getting a lovely antixoidising treatment! I will let you know how I’ve gotten on with this once it has been used up and whether it has worked on my breakouts and redness and all the fun stuff! I think it will do a great job as I am loving it so far! Even if it does make me look like the HULK/ Ninja turtle… I can rock this for sure…

IMG_0647_FotorI’d suggest checking out MeMatcha if you are after some green tea, or you’d like to DIY your own beauty products like me!

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