MuLondon Cruelty Free Vegan Skincare

MuLondon Cruelty Free Vegan Skincare

MuLondon are an award winning UK London Based skin care brand. They do a variety of amazing natural moisturisers and cleansers.

It is based around the concept of herbalism and includes loads of pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts throughout their product range.

These oils act as a preservative for the natural products and also as added natural scents.

The whole range is certified organic by the Soil Association and also PETA approved and registered as Vegan with the Vegan society! You got it! That means you can shop with ease with Mu London knowing everything is Vegan, cruelty free and natural. What more could you want…

Not only this but the company are also eco and ethically aware giving back 1% for the planet and is also a Certified B Corporation. They are part of many different organisations and certifications, so check out their about me page to read more about these!

MuLondon has gone out of its way to create and promote ethical, eco and natural products and this is absolutely amazing and a definite front runner in the UK green beauty world! The whole range is aimed toward helping those with sensitive skin however they will benefit all skin types from dry to oily.

I have recently been using their;

Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Moisturiser

IMG_0553_FotorThis product formulated for sensitive skin is made to help dry and dehydrated skin or irritated and sensitive skin.

This appealed to me particularly because I suffer with hormonal acne on my jaw line and cheeks, as you may know and this is something I have suffered with for some time. I have been given several creams over the years, some so strong they burnt my skin. I have now given up all medicines and creams and prefer to treat it naturally. I still have it and am unsure there is a cure out there but products like these go some way to help calm and soothe my irriatated skin and keep it nice and moisturised and free from dry patches and flaky breakouts. This one has worked amazingly for me. I have such combination skin some times. My T section is really oily and prone to break outs where as my jaw line and cheeks can be dry and irritated from the acne.. so I am never ending using products that help one and irritate the other. I think this one may have cracked it!

It is soothing on my dry skin and patches of redness and irritation, and it isn’t too oily so that it overwhelms the t section. It works great to use on only the irritated areas as spot correcting also to keep these areas hydrated. It is 100% organic, water free and uses pure rose Otto oil.

This can be used on any areas of dry skin you may have, you face, hands, cracked feet, even your tummy and bum if you wish!

It has reship extract and rosemary antioxidant. Its base includes organic Shea butter, coconut butter and golden jojoba oil. These ingredients pamper, balance and nourish your dry skin and leaves a shimmer and rosy glow.

When using this I generally pop a very small amount into my palm and let it into a thin paste and rub into the skin. I have used it on my jawline and cheeks only on a daily basis and I have used it as a night cream. I would say this blends away into the skin nicely in time however on the more oily sections of my face it didn’t sit under makeup that well. It did work under makeup after it had been given an hour or so to really soak away into the skin however. So if you are oily, maybe apply this directly after waking up or a little time before applying makeup. Or as I have loved using it is as a night treatment. I slather a whole load on.. more than I would in the day and make it into a paste and plop it over the skin and massage it gently into my skin. This does feel a little oily at first however it soon sinks away  into the skin and then I awake with nicely smooth nourished and moisturised skin. I wake with no dry patches and less irritation. The redness seems reduced and my skin seems to be glowing.

I have really enjoyed using this as a night treatment and will be continuing to use it over the next few months to see the difference I feel like it CAN make to my skin. I love the fact the brand is based around using natural products to medicate skin concerns rather than encouraging use of medicines. That is reassuring for all of us with issues we hope to combat ourselves.

If you like me have problem skin, dryness, redness, breakouts or just want to keep your skin looking radiant, healthy and glowing, I suggest you give this one a try! They have an array of different luxurious scents and even fragrance free options and also do daily cleansers too!

IMG_0555_FotorI hope this helped!

Much Love


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    Yay! Thanks so much for your wonderful review, Emma! I’m delighted that you’re enjoying your MuLondon moisturiser. 🌹

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