Isabella’s Clearly 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

Isabella’s Clearly 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

Isabella’s Clearly is a wonderful all natural brand. No chemical ever! That is an amazing statement alone and one that appeals to me massively. Their products are based around all natural essential oils to promote healthy skin, hair, nails and body. They are of course 100% cruelty free and PETA certified and are also 100% Vegan so you can shop with ease knowing non of your beauty products will contain nasty animal ingredients. I have recently tried some of their products out and here are some thought’s on how they have faired so far!


IMG_0421_FotorClearly Lift is a beautiful face oil that claims to naturally reduce wrinkle and rejuvenate skin. It can even skin tone and reverse signs of ageing. It seems that the natural oils enter deep into the skin to help improve skin elasticity which in turn helps erase those stubborn lines and wrinkles and reduce pore size.

This is a 100% blend of therapeutic grade, natural essential oils. It has no chemicals to preservatives.

I have been using this now for a good few weeks. At first I was a little sceptical. It comes in a beautiful bottle, well labelled and clear how to store and use. It is orange in colour which is different but fine. The texture is fairly oily. This is to be expected considering it is based around natural oils. I personally have very oily skin, so don’t gravitate toward oily face products however I did enjoy this one. I cannot claim it has anti ageing affects as at 26 I do not have that many deep set wrinkles and I can only assume I need to use it a little longer to reap it’s full benefits however I can say that it has left my skin very moisturised, my large pores around my nose area appear smaller and it has lifted my skin in a luminous way. I have been using this mainly as a night treatment as I have very oily skin as standard, I don’t enjoy oily skincare in the morning as I find them my skin is too dewy and my makeup does not sit right. However this is purely preference. I didn’t find this one sank into the skin that quickly, which is not an issue when using as a night treatment but would make my morning routine a little longer. As a night treatment I would slather a nice thick layer on and leave it work it’s magic, by morning my skin was hydrated and luminous! I would certainly recommend this and will be using this one up!


IMG_0425_FotorSo, firstly… I have wanted a product like this one for such a long time and now I have it I just can’t make my mind up on it! I love it on one hand as I know it is cruelty free, vegan and helps not only clean my teeth but also gently whitened them at the same time. I can say I have seen a slight difference since using this for the past 3-4 weeks. I will certainly let you know how I get on over time (once I have used it up!). I can’t help thinking when I am using it how I look like something out of the saw though. It is mental to me to think I can use something so dark and horror movie like and it actually clean my teeth. Call me crazy but it is something I am yet to get used too… I am sure I will over time! Finding good dental care products is hard and I would love this to become a staple for me. If you are looking for something to mentally whiten teeth and clean them then give this a good go! I would say there is no taste to this which is great as I think the look is strange enough haha. It doesn’t leave the minty taste I would be used to but more of almost a medicinal taste, like you’ve been to the dentist for a good clean!

It claims that the charcoal sticks to teeth to gently penetrate stains to naturally remove them from your teeth. As it is all natural it also promotes healthy teeth and gums, it is also 100% high quality food grade charcoal powder so it isn’t a big issue if you swallow a little!


IMG_0423_FotorEyes is a lovely little eye roll on oil, it claims to hydrate, illuminate and firm under eye areas. This in turn claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and start to eliminate dark circles and puffiness. Again this one has a 100% natural blend of therapeutic grade  essential oils with no chemicals and preservatives.

Clearly EYES, 10 ml/0.3 Oz, Luxurious high-density oil hydrates, illuminates & firms up the eye area. Reduces fine line appearance, puffiness & dark circles.

I have really enjoyed using this one. I will say thought a little goes a long way! I slathered this on at first and realised shortly after I had used way to much, considering how little I needed I can assure you this will last you ages! I again can’t claim it got rid of my wrinkles because I haven’t too many yet… However I love the fact this will not only help decrease them but also keep my eyes hydrated in order to prevent them (or delay them!). I love the little roll on ball this has, it is soothing and hydrating and also really cooling which I have really enjoyed. This is not too oily and I have had no issues with it being close to my eyes. I have found it to leave the area hydrated well. It is great for use in morning and night and can be used easily under makeup with no makeup break down. It sinks into the skin fairly quickly too which is a must for morning time, when you have a million things to do and two little people demanding toast and clean socks!


IMG_0424_FotorLash oil is something I have heard about the benefits of many times over, and yet I never use them. I don’t know why this is something that I have never really included in my daily routine, but for the past three-four weeks I have been. Now it seems second nature and takes pride of place on my bedside cabinet. Again I cannot claim it’s wanders yet however I have noticed less lash fall out. My lashes seem healthy and hydrated and seem full, if not fuller than they once were. I do get lash fall out quite a lot because I am a huge mascara fan, so to know the new lashes growing in are going to be stronger and healthier, I can’t think why I haven’t used these before. I use this mainly at night, as I mentioned before I am not the biggest fan of oils in my morning routine. I have used this for lashes and also for brows. My brows I have been growing out for the past few months and they are getting there however they still have some space spaces. I can vouch that this has worked well for my brows, after just a wee of using I saw some stumps appearing in places I had popped the oils. Not always where I needed them to be, but it definitely appeared to help hair growth from the blend of essential oils. I would suggest trying this if you too want to try and promote hair growth. I haven’t had any issues with this getting in or around my eyes. It seems to hold and stick to the lashes nicely once on. The brush is nice and thick, not an awful plastic stick thing which drives me mad. It applies a nice amount of product and is easy to use! I will certainly be keeping this one up!  Again this one has a natural blend of oils with no chemicals or preservatives.


IMG_0422_FotorThis again is another product I don’t use as much as I should. In fact at my mid twenties I can even say that other than at a salon (which I have visited in many years) I haven’t used a nail oil… like… ever. That is bad, I know, Don’t shoot me. I have fairly strong nails. It isn’t until they are a fair length that they get a little weaker and can bend.. which hurts.. So generally I end up cutting them by then! It’s not that I think I don’t need a nail oil.. more than fact that I wasn’t aware of their existence or benefits until now!

Nails, claims to help heal cracked nails for stronger growth, soften and nourish rigid cuticles and moisturise nails. This again is a therapeutic grade of natural essential oils.

I can also votvh for this one 100%. I don’t even know why I didn’t look into a product like this sooner. It is smooth, easy to apply and leaves the cuticles nourished. I have had major issues on my toe nails since my wedding day on 2013.. so yes for almost four years and I’ve done nothing. I actually had gel toe nails with shiny rhinestones, the full sham bang for our wedding, unfortunately the lady that did it was shocking as she attached the gel to my cuticles. This then grew out and dragged up the cuticles. Now years later my cuticles still grow high up my toe nails and are thick and hard to remove.  I hate pedicures and people near my feet in general (also they aren’t generally cruelty free or use vegan products) so I avoid them like the plague. So I try and combat them myself.. normally with great difficulty. However I can definitely say that this has worked really well at softening my cuticles. It has meant that I can push them back and remove them that much easier. Saving me time and money! I will certainly continue to use this for my skanky toes!!

These products are certainly a mixed bag. I like them all, some I love more than others however all around I think they are great. They also have a huge array of other products from skincare to hair care. There really is something for everyone and I look forward to trying more of their products soon! I will certainly update you on how I get on over the next month using them also!

Check them out if you are after all natural, vegan and cruelty free products!

Much Love


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