Hana Organic Skincare- Cruelty Free

Hana Organic Skincare- Cruelty Free

Hana Organic Skincare are a wonderful Cruelty Free skincare brand. They make each product using organic and biodynamic ingredients to suit all skin types and keep skin naturally healthy. They are made in the Pacific North West in small hand made batches to ensure they are at their peak!  Their ingredients are easy to read and contain certified organic, Non-GMO and gluten free products. They are PETA Certified and have loads of vegan options too! I have recently tried a little bundle of their vegan products and will let you know my thoughts down below!


Eye Oil and Luxe Serum Set

The Eye oil and Luxe Serum set is the perfect combo for having hydrated and nourished skin!

The Eye Oil claims to be full of moisturising oils that are rich in Vitamin E.

The eye oil is a good size at 15ml and is in a beautiful black glass bottle. It looks stunning and fits nicely in the everyday or high end bathroom!

This includes lots of wonderful ingredients such as Rosehip, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and rose essential oil.

It smells heavenly!

This is a really lovely product, it is nice and delicate around my eyes, softening and leave the skin smooth and soft. It isn’t too oily and doesn’t irritate the eyes at all. I can’t claim it’s anti ageing but I can say that it helps keep my eyes hydrated and feels like it is making a difference!

IMG_0570_FotorThe Luxe Serum again is a beautiful glass black bottle, it looks luxurious and is double the size at 30ml. This is oil based which helps to soften and hydrate skin. It also rejuvenates and tones uneven skin tones and works great for mature, dry or combination skin. This one has a whole host of lovely ingredients such as jojoba, apricot and rose-hip seed oils, vitamin E, lavender, neroli, frankenscence and rose Otto essential oils.

This one is also gluten free!

The scent of this is lovely, fresh and floral yet a little musky! I have really enjoyed using it. I have even using this on my face and neck over the past few weeks and have seen an improvement. It seems to have controlled my redness from acne nicely on my upper neck and jawline and has left the skin hydrated and moisturised. I personally have oily skin so don’t use this during the day as I find I am too oily otherwise. This takes a few minutes to sink in so I prefer to use it at night and slather it on for an overnight intensive skin treatment and it works a dream. I wake up feeling moisturised and have a healthy glow. I would recommend this. It has worked wanders on the few dry patches I have from breakouts and has nourished the other areas of the face nicely.

Gentle Cleanser


I love the fact this cleanser is gentle. When you have skin irritations there is nothing worse than a product full of amazing products but that is too harsh for your sensitive skin. This one is full of great ingredients still however is calming and cleansing at the same time. It has Castile and rose hydrofoil which helps to cleanse skin and also include jojoba to help soothe after cleansing. It also has essential oils such as geranium and neroli to help rejuvenate the skin and help promote cell production, balance zebu, and improve skin elasticity. In oil giving a less oily and more toned and firm skin appearance. It is again Gluten free and Vegan of course.

I have really enjoyed using this one and need to get myself the full size version.

It worked well at removing makeup, it also didn’t irritate my eyes at all and I was able to use it to remove mascara. It works well also as just a second cleanse or morning cleanse. The oil works great to break down stubborn impurities which still soothing and moisturising. I would certainly recommend this one!

Lavender Grains

Lavender Grains is an exfoliating cleanser. It claims to be milk and nourishing and suitable for all skin types.

When opening it is a white clay, in a powder form which smells of course like floral lavender.

It claims to remove excess sebum and toxins from the skin however also soothes and clams with almond and oats.

To use you need to scoop 1/2 teaspoon into a hand or dish and add a little water. You can make this the consistency you want. Either add a little water and make a thin paste to use as an exfoliator face scrub, or use a tiny amount and form a thick paste and use it as a face mask.

I personally have been using it mainly as an exfoliator as I found it works really well for this.

Exfoliating is a step that I often forget and products that I find hard to find that are both cruelty free and vegan. So I am so glad I have found this. One I have formed a smooth paste a used this after removing makeup and cleansing and the little lavender clay pieces seem to get intoevery little crevice and pore and dig out all that nasty dirt. It doesn’t feel too harsh or scratched which is great and as the lumps are a little larger it doesn’t feel like you have sand on your face which I find a lot of exfoliators do!

This has worked really well at getting rid of deep planted dirt. I am loving using this product!

Gentle Toner

IMG_0572_FotorToner is again another step in my skincare routine that I generally forget. It is something that lately I have really been trying to get back into and am loving it. It just tightens everything back up after washes and I can see now why it is such an important step. This one includes those hydrosol and lavender essential oil to help soothe skin. The vegetable glycerin to moisturise and hydrate and aloe vera and slang slang and lemon which help restore skin PH levels.

I found this to be amazing. Most toners are quite drying and to be fair I almost like that some times as I can feel it tightening the skin, however this one tightens but also feels cool and moisturising. It is a lovely formula that sinks into the skin really quickly which is super important, especially in the morning routine when you have a million things to be getting on with and doing. I again need to grab this one in full size when my current toner is all used up as I have really been enjoying using it!

I would check out this brand 100%, they have some lovely products and you won’t be sorry you did. They are luxurious and amazing, well worth the prices for a luxury skincare brand!

Much Love


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