Pacari Easter Treats! MMMMMMmmmm

Pacari Easter Treats! MMMMMMmmmm

Happy Easter to all my wonderful readers!

So Easter Sunday has now come and gone and I know, like me you are starring at all those Easter eggs that have piled up in the cupboards desperately wanting to eat them but restraining due to the fact they contain milk.. or other forms of cruelty!

Pacari kindly sent me their best selling Passion Fruit Organic Chocolate Bar to try which made my Easter the little bit sweeter! And fruitier! I decided seeming as it is easter and that I wanted to feel included in our celebrations, to create my own mini easter treat with this chocolatety goodness!

Beautiful little easter nests…

IMG_0583_FotorThese are made using

Passion Fruit Organic Chocolate Bar

And some shredded wheat! Simply melt your chocolate in a bowl over heat and mix in some shredded wheat, pop them into some little cases (or eat out of the bowl if your not fussed about getting those Insta snaps!), leave to set in the fridge and decorate how you will!

I have added a little bit of kiwi and strawberry as I had these to hand!

I can not express how yummy these were! Easter Passionfruit goodness. The chocolate is dark and more-ish with a fruity twist. If you haven’t tried any of Pacari’s chocolates you really should! They are sustainable, eco friendly, fair trade and delicious! They are also 100% Vegan, even soy and gluten free. If Passionfruit isn’t your thing then check out their website below and have a sift through the amazing range of flavours they have available!

IMG_0552_FotorI hope you have all had a family filled, fruity and sweet easter weekend.

Much Love







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