Herbal Essentials Skincare- Cruelty Free

Herbal Essentials Skincare- Cruelty Free

Herbal Essentials pride themselves on being natural and clean. Their main ingredient being Himalayan Spring water which is great to prevent ageing and repair damaged skin. They use this blended with other amazing natural ingredients to make some beautiful skin products.

Herbal Essentials are also 100% Cruelty Free and PETA approved, they are also part of the 1% for the planet group, which donates 1% of global sales to NPO to  support environmental protection. I was kindle gifted a few of their items to try.

Grapefruit, Juniper & Aloe Massage Gel



When I saw this beauty in the post my eye lit up, as of course this means I have an excuse to get a massage off my Husband… for blogging purposes of course! Hehe. This is a large size, the packaging is light and elegant. Easy to use and non invasive so will match any bathroom decor you may have. This one claims to improve skin texture, reduce cellulite and detoxify skin using extracts go Grapferuit oil and Himalayan Spring water. I can’t comment on whether this has improved my cellulite or skin appearance as I feel this is something that would happen over time however what I can say is that it was super moisturising and left my skin feeling smooth and soft and moisturised. I really enjoyed the texture of this and it dried nicely into the skin. There’s nothing worse than a sticky massage!

Neem Purifying Toner



For some reason whenever I am out and about and buying beauty products Toner is the one step I always forget about. I was so pleased to receive this as I need one for sure! This one is 120ml which is a great size and is the most amazing green colour. One of my favourites intact. It looks smart and elegant and gives that pop of nature to your bathroom.

This claims to remove impurities and help improve the appearance of enlarged pores and control oil using extracts of Himalayan spring water, Neem and Peppermint oil.

I really love this toner. It smells pleasant, not to strong at all. It works great splashed on the face or how I love to use it is on a cotton pad and wiped over the face after cleansing. It seems to work well at grabbing any of the makeup or dirt you may have missed and leave the skin feeling clean and hydrated. I love the cooling affect this has. It remind me of the sensation you get using aloe vera or other hydrating moisutisers. I am a big fan of this one!

Neem and Rosemary Anti Blemish Cream



When I first saw this Blemish Cream I was a little baffled! I have never seen something quite like it. It has such an odd texture, it isn’t a gel or a cream, or a moisturiser. It is also not hard, or a balm or an oil. The only way I can describe it is as a hard mousse!

This one claims to help calm excess oil production and work as an effective blemish treatment. Neem and Aloe soothe the skin and calm redness whilst Rosemary help clarify and Brahmi help cell regeneration and the Kaolin absorbs impurities. So a hefty claim!

I have been using this for roughly 10 day sand can say I have seen a difference. My skin doesn’t seem to be as oily, and it does clam the redness I have. I can’t say how it will work long term but I willl be sure to add an edit to this when I have used it all for you guys! I can see some improvements and feel over time this could become a favourite. It did take a bit of getting used to and to be honest I am still not all that sure on the formula. It is an odd one. It doesn’t smooth into the skin t all like I was expecting. I have used it as a spot treatment basically and on any areas of redness as an overnight treatment. I found as a whole face or makeup base (as it states it can be used as) I found it too crumble. I think It could work mixed with another product as a base perhaps but alone I this didn’t work for me. I will be certain to continue using this one and working with it to see what the outcome will be.

I would definitely recommend you guys try this brand. They have loads of lovely products with some amazing natural skin benefitting ingredients.

Much Love


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