Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is an amazing natural makeup and skincare company. They are 100% Cruelty free with Vegan Options (clearly can be seen if vegan in the ingredients list) and are PETA and CCIC approved. They use fine natural and certified organic ingredients, plant oils and extracts and earth based minerals and pigments. They claim to enhance natural beauty which nourishing skin. Sounds good to me!!

Two Step Cleansing System- Acne and Oily prone

I was kindly gifted the two step cleansing system recently to try out. As you may be aware I have suffered for the past two years with hormonal acne, over my jaw line and cheeks. It affects my confidence and until very recently it has been horrendous. It is starting to clear away now however I still have very acne prone skin, a lot of oiliness and still get breakouts and redness everywhere! So a cleanser that is made especially for my skin type sounds amazing.

This is a two step formula first using a cleansing oil, and then a blemish and oil control finish cloth. This is something that I have not seen before, I would generally use an oil to remove my makeup and then a flannel to wash it off and follow with a pre wash, however this does it all for you. With no mess and no washing. The system contains no surfaces or harsh chemicals and is Vegan.

The Cleansing Oil contains, Borage (antiseptic, anti inflammatory, soothes damaged skin), Watermelon Seed (hydrates deep skin layers, cleansing and purifying, loosens excess sebum in pores), Clary Sage (Astringgnet, antiseptic, anti inflammatory), Tea Tree (Balances oil, anti bacterial, disinfectant) and Lemon Grass (Analgestic, anti microbial, anti bacterial, astringent). A whole host of wonderful natural ingredients to help keep skin clean and clear.

The Finishing clothes also contain an array of other wonderful ingredients such as; Thyme (antiseptic, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, specifically affect against acne bacteria), Licorice Root (Hydrating, lightens scaring, antimicrobial and smoothing), Raspberry (anti inflammatory, antioxidant, high in Vitamin C), Meadowsweet (antiinflammatory, soothing, tightens pores, astringent), Lemon (Cleansing, antibacterial, antiseptic), Aloe (anti-inflammatory, stimulates cell growth, soothing).

An impressive bunch don’t you think?

I have been using these for a a little while now and have been really enjoying them. It takes no longer than an other normal routine would, except the fact I often don’t feel the need to do a second cleanse. The oil is cooling and takes off all makeup easily. It breaks it down so it is super easy to remove. It is safe to use around the eye areas and has given me no sensitivity or redness on sensitive areas of the face. It even removes stubborn waterproof makeup nicely! The cloth is very soft and almost oily in itself. It can be used on both sides and wipes away the makeup and excess oil on the face to leave a smooth hydrated finish to your slowly smooth skin! I really liked these. The cloth works so well that you only need one per wash, where as with standard wet wipes to remove makeup I would be using plenty more I can assure you, so that impressed me.

The two part system can also be bought in separates if you are just after the cloth or the oil which is really helpful and is a very reasonable price of just £20 for both. I feel this is a fair price for a cruelty free, vegan and natural product.  I would certianly recommend you try these if like me you suffer with blemishes. I can’t say they have cured my acne but they cetainly leave my face squeaky clean which I am sure in the long term makes a massive difference to bacteria in the skin.


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