Karethic- Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

Karethic- Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

Karethic are an amazing natural and cruelty free brand specialising in Shea products.

They are not only cruelty free but eco, sustainable and ethical. They are even in partnership with many ethical associations such as Eco-Cert, Unido, Searce, ABEPEC, Biopartenaire, West Africa Trade hub and Global Shea Alliance.

There products are not only natural and cruelty free but also Vegan, organic and fair trade certified. Can’t get more natural than that can we! Amazing.

I have recently sampled a few of their products and thought I would share my thoughts on them with you guys! I have all these products in the sample sizes so my review will be based on a few treatments (not a few weeks worth of trying as I would normally do!).


Hydra-Matifying Face Cream- Organic and Vegan


This is an amazing product. It is 100% full of authentic African Shea therapeutic properties.

This one imparticular is meant for normal to oily skin as it contains mattyfying and oil controlling properties. I must say this works well. It hydrates yet mattyfies and blurs the skin, almost in the same way you would expect a primer too. It sinks into the skin very quickly and is easy to apply. It leaves no streaks or white marks and feels smooth to touch. My skin was loving this one!

It claims it can be worn evening and or morning. I have used this on both and will say it worked well. I have used this under makeup, I am oily so generally use a oil controlling primer and foundation and this sat nicely under this to give a matt layer.

This products contains 99.4% natural ingredients

57.8% organic ingredients

20% fairtrade ingredeints

Impressive numbers!

The sample size of this one (15ml) lasted me around 5 days applying twice a day which is fairly good for a sample.

L’Africane, Luxurious Oil- Organic and Vegan


This products contains for of the African Women’s highest producers. The Shea Oil, Baobab Oil, Moringa Oil and Agran oil. These oils combined create an amazing skincare product with many great benefits.

It claims to repair and nourish skin and soften hair and skin with Shea butter. Prevent stretch marks and reinforce skin elasticity using Baobab oil. Revitalize mature skin and hydrate and nourish hair with Moringa Oil, and finally stimulate cell activity with Argan Oil.

This also contains 100% Fresh mango for fragrance and is 100% natural. Including 58.1% organic ingredients.

I really like this product. I have been using this an an in shower oil mainly. As I am super oily I have used this on my body as an out of shower oil and found it to be super moisturising however leaves the skin a little oily for me. It is great for a hydrator over night though. Since then I have been using it as an in shower treatment and Leaving it to sink int to the skin and then rinsing any excess off, which has worked much better for my skin type Inparticualr. The sample size lasted me for four in shower body treatments.

I would certainly recommend this brand. The products are wonderful, smell heavenly and leave the skin feeling nourished and moisturised. I also received a sample of the Soft Body Balm, this however only lasted one treatment so I can’t really comment on it’s properties as well as I would have liked. However it was also a really nice consistency and very moisturising. I love the fact the company are not only eco and use natural, organic and fairtrade ingredients where possible but also that they are in alliance with many ethical companies and brands and promoting more ethical and eco practices!

Check these out if you can. You won’t regret it!

Much Love


See More Here;

Website; http://karethic.com/en

Twitter; https://twitter.com/Karethic

Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/Karethic


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