East Amber- Cruelty Free Skincare

East Amber- Cruelty Free Skincare

East Amber are a lovely brand of natural based skincare products. They use only high quality, earth based ingredients to leave the skin glowing. Free from synthetic fragrances and unnecessary chemicals you can be sure you put nothing but heaven on your skin. East Amber are 100% Cruelty free, and are PETA approved. They are 95% vegan (their Blue Tansy Whipped Creme and Owyhee Whipped Cream are not as these contain honey, glycerin and silk protein).
All East Amber products are sulfate-free (SLS/SLES/ALS/ALES), paraben-free, bha/bht-free, bpa-free, PEG-free, triclosan-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, and synthetic fragrance-free.

I have recently tried a few of their products below so will let you know my thoughts!

Chocolate Mint Body Bar

This smells divine! I really love chocolate mint and this is just that, a heavenly mix of mint and cocoa which leaves the most amazing combination of smells. It is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin as it contains no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. This is 100% earth based which is great! It claims to help with skin irritations and reactions and can help clear burn, bites, eczema and minor skin irritations. The mint works to calm and sooth and the cocoa boosts collagen to keep us looking younger for longer. This works really well, it foams nicely and blends smoothly into the skin and washes away easily. It leaves behind the most lovely smell, and your bathroom will smell like a box of minty chocolate goodness. Highly recommend this one!

Cannabis Elixir

This one is a really versatile product and can be used as an eye serum, face serum orr for the hair and scalp. It works to help irritated skin, clear dry skin and dandruff and soften the hair on your head or body! It again is full of earth based goodness including jojoba oil, hemp oil and neem oil. It is antibacterial and anti-microbial which claims to help sooth blemishes and boost skin elasticity.
This one is nice. It comes out smooth and blends into the skin after a few minutes, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling to oily as I am oily already I like a product that blends away. I will say this is something I would only use over night for that reason but it does a great job at softening redness and leaving skin super hydrated overnight. I can’t really say about whether this makes my skin more youthful as I would need to use it for much longer, but I can say it has left my skin feeling super smooth and soft and I have used it once as a hair treatment which left some small irritated areas free from flaky skin. So I will certainly be using this one right up!

May Chang Bath Soak

This is my childhood in a pot… I can’t smell this without thinking of 5 year old me eating sherbet lemons. I used to have a great aunt who was obsessed with shebert lemons and whenever I visited I would sit and munch them with her and this smells exactly like them. A super sweet lemony zesty citrus goodness. Good enough to eat in-fact. This scent comes from the product May Chang. It is said to cause a lovely psychological relaxation to help you take a break and chill out. To this the product is blended with dead sea salt to help clear the skin and give a gentle exfoliation in the bath. This can be put in the bath for an intense lemony scent and also rubbed into the body before getting in the bath and soak away your worries in the most relaxing bath in the world. I love this stuff… I need more! It is really lovely. It exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft and clear when getting out of the bath but it also allows you to really lay back and relax in the bath, taking in the lemon zest scent and forgetting about the day you have had. There is something about the May Chang that is very calming. After a long day of school runs, works and screaming toddler tantrums this is a great Mum product… It is mothers day soon! Hint Hint!

I would certainly recommend this brand, their products are one of a kind. Simply exquisite. I am in love with the May Chang Bath Soak so if anything I would certainly suggest giving that one a go! I will have to try more of their products and let you know my thoughts as so far these are a new favourite here  for the Marsden Clan.

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