Bare Faced Beauty- Cruelty Free Mineral Makeup

Bare Faced Beauty- Cruelty Free Mineral Makeup

Bare Faced Beauty

I was kindly gifted some amazing products from Bare Faced Beauty this week. They are a great 100% Cruelty free PETA, Leaping Bunny, Vegan and Vegetarian Society approved brand. They are also mostly Vegan. All bar their mascara which they are currently working on a Vegan formula for. They use the best natural ingredients to create a host of beautiful mineral makeup products. There makeup is natural and has no chemicals, parabens, ethanol alchohol or perfume.

I have recently tried;

Mineral Colour Corrector

The colour corrector’s are really lovely. I was surprised that a loose powder would be as pigmented as these are. I was worried that the pigment would not be strong enough to make a difference however these really do. I have never tried a powder corrector before and feel this is a unique product. They come in two shades, Calm which is a green tone powder to calm redness. Also the shade Sunlight, which online looks to be pink.. and you would expect to be pink to cover darkness however it is actually more yellow toned.
I found on my skin tone the green worked well to lessen the look of my acne and scarring however the yellow was too yellow for me. It made my under eye area have a strong yellow tint. As the rest of my face is so pale I feel that shade is a little to dark for me personally. However I must say it did a great job at covering my dark circle, just the wrong shade for me!

Mineral Foundation

This mineral foundation claims to leave a flawless coverage, conceal flaws and leave the skin looking fresh and natural. I will say I was surprised at the coverage of this one. As it is a loose powder I was expecting to have to build it up and end up cakey however this went on in a nice thin layer and was highly pigmented. I am really pale and have the shade Serenity which matched my skin-tone well. It feels soft on the skin and what I like about it most is that it does not clog pores and can even help heal problem skin!

Mineral Finishing Powder

The finishing powder is also really nice and soft on the skin. It claims to lessen the appearance of pores and helps to control oil. I will say I didn’t have any issues with oil on the days that I have worn this and that it is translucent on the skin. it works well to set under eyes and any other foundations. I didn’t feel I really needed this on top on the Mineral foundation however it is a lovely product.

Mineral Eyeshadow

Lastly I tried out the Mineral Eye Shadows. These are really beautiful little Mineral eyeshadow loose pigments. You only need a small amount of these similarly to all the other products and they are again highly pigmented. They can also be used as liners with a damp brush, which is something I am yet to try however will be doing shortly!
The first shade I have is the Rose Quartz. I believe this is something that everyone can wear. It is a pale everyday shimmery pink shade. Great for an everyday natural makeup look or to add a little sparkle to a smokey eye look. Used lightly it gives a beautiful pale shimmer affect and when packed on with a brush it leaves a lovely pale pink rose shimmer tone. It really is beautiful and turning into an everyday makeup option for me!
The other shade I have is the Blue Moonstone which again is a beautiful shade. It is a pale shimmery blue as you may have guessed. It reminds me of the night sky and mermaids. It has that iridescent shimmer too it which makes you think of twinkling skies and shimmering water. I love this shade. As I have blue eyes this isn’t a shade I would wear everyday however a great nighttime or day out colour if your going for something a little different. I loved wearing this. It took me back to the 90’s where blue makeup was all the rage!
They sell an array of beautiful colours including you more used colours such as light pinks, golds, browns, black and grey tones. But also some lovely deep purples and teal’s and blues for anyone looking to make an impact or create a dark bold look! I would certainly recommend these. I can tell these will last an age!

(Photos; One half colour corrected; Full face Mineral Foundation; Eyeshadow; Finished Look)

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Overall I really love these products. I particularity like the Foundation and the eyeshadows. I found them to be quick and easy to apply and think they are well priced for a Cruelty Free and Vegan product range. I would certainly buy these again. I feel the overall finish is good. Not too high coverage and you can still see some flaws however this as using no concealer at all. So I am impressed with this considering how many skin problems I have. I am also intrigued to see if over time thee products help with my skin problems. I will get back to you on that one!

Much Love

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