Amon and Anis- Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

Amon and Anis- Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

Amon and Anis

Amon and Anis is a lovely 100% natural and at least 98% organic. I think that in itself is something to be very proud of and is very appealing!

They are mostly Vegan however some items contain Beeswax. So do check before purchase. They are clearly labelled on their website and packaging.

Their products are even used with Eco friendly packaging and are handmade and even the art work is hand-drawn. They are really beautiful to look at and to use!

The first product I have recently tried is the
Rose Face Tonic
(RRP 12.00)

This looks amazing and smells amazing too. It is 100% Natural and 100% Organic and Vegan. This claims to moisturise, regenerate and nourish skin.
I have used this as a face wash and it works very well. it wasn’t the best for removing stubborn eye makeup however it works well as a cleanser. I prefer to use this with a cotton pad as a second cleanse or wipe over the face. I find it works similarly to a toner in that it soothes the skin after cleansing and grabs any bits you have missed! I have also used this on non makeup days as a refreshing mist if my skin is ever feeling dry in the cold weather and I love it for this purpose.
The bottle is glass and beautifully designed. A great addition to any bathroom.

The second product I tried was the Lavender Balm
(RRP 15.00)

This again is 100% Natural and 100% Organic, and Vegan. This is an oily balm made from Virgin Olive oil, Shea Butte and essential oils. It is a very oily consistency and not something I would use for day use. It does not sink into the skin very quickly as it is such a thick oily consistency. I have however been loving using this as an overnight face treatment. As it takes a little while to sink in and feels oily on the face I know It would not work for day use for me personally, however I slather this on over night and it gives me a super boost in moisture by the time morning rolls around. I would recommend this one for anyone with dry skin, not so much if you are oily.

Lastly we have the Mandarin Toothpaste
(RRP 12.00)

I am super happy that this is Natural, Organic and Vegan. It is hard to find Vegan toothpastes, let alone ones that are also natural and organic. This contains no fluoride or chemicals and no foaming agents. It also has the scent and taste of Mandarins, Oranges. Which is great for all the family. I am always happy to give my children Natural products to use as this way I know they are no harming their delicate bodies in any way! This also comes in a big pump like bottle, like you would expect a moisturiser or cream in. However this works well as it is a larger size which means we can all use it and it will last us a long time. This works well at cleaning the teeth leaving a citrus taste behind as apposed to the usual minty taste. It is a lovely toothpaste fit for the whole family. I would certainly recommend this one.

Amon and Anis are a wonderful brand with amazing ethics. If you are based in Europe or have someone local to ship to you I would certainly recommend these guys.

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